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Parallax version of Majestic Mountains via Enb Complex Material.
First Parallax mod that works with blending, mostly no floating snow and almost no Parallax stretching artifacts.

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This is the official Parallax version of Majestic Mountains. It is done via Enb Complex Material. Though I call it Enb Parallax for the rest of the description. Because it mainly focuses on the Parallax part.
Enb Parallax is able to work with Multilayer Parallax. And therefore I was able to add Parallax Mapping without any visual downgrades.
The mod is fully working. I flagged it as WIP because I think about other ways for adding moss to the meshes and it is a pretty new way of implementing Parallax into Skyrim.
There are plenty of mod parts that use a different file structure than Majestic Mountains. Therefore I decided to release this mod as standalone.
Community Shaders Support now Complex Material too

Installation Notes:

The mod actually requires Majestic Landscapes. Because Majestic Landscapes
is actually the only texture pack that supports the file structure that I used for getting smooth texture transitions.
Majestic Landscapes contains also a Mesh/ Esp only file. I hope that other texture packs might support this way of implementing Parallax too.

Many other Parallax Mods implement this feature in the old way. They use the Parallax Shader Type in the meshes. That Shader Type isn't compatible with Majestic Mountains Single Pass Snow.
I suggest to use Better Dynamic Snow SE. You should use version 2.
Because it is fully compatible with Majestic Mountains
. So both mods should play together.
Simplicity of Snow would actually override my mesh and snow adjustments and destroy a lot of the blending.

Please read the readme before contacting me. I've tried to include the most common problems and the fixes in it.
DynDoLod is requiered for this mod to work properly.
I tried to cover all other important parts of installation, troubleshooting and compatibility in the readme.
You'll find it in the documents section of the mod page and I put it in the installer too.


  • this mod isn't compatible with other mountain retextures, except retextures that were made for MM
  • this mod is compatible with all major snow mods
  • Majestic Mountains is using meshes with more polygons than SMIM. It is highly recommended that you overwrite the SMIM meshes.
  • You can use Enb mesh fixes with Majestic Mountains. If you are asked to
  • overwrite then choose yes. I added several compatibility fallbacks in
    the esp and the textures.

Known Issues:

  • the moss and the projected snow sometimes tend to create stripes. This is
  • an engine limitation of the projection system. I could work around this issue pretty good. But there is no way to fix it completely.

Complementing Mods and Fixes:

Majestic Landscapes
Patch for Landscape and water fixes

These are the important extensions and fixes that I found so far. I try to update the list as often as possible.
I currently didn't post any snow fix mods. Because they are not needed if you follow the instructions of the readme.


  • Bethesda
  • Sonnhy (installer)