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A landscape texture pack that aims for reduced transition visibility, as much as possible detail with minimal tiling and a good out of the box grass blending.

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What the mod does:

Majestic Landscapes is a landscape texture addition to Majestic Mountains.
It has full Complex Material support and it contains various mesh edits to ensure quality texture transitions within different mesh parts and to add full Parallax support to lots of landscape meshes.
Though Majestic Landscapes works without Enb or Parallax too.
The pack is also required for Majestic Mountains Parallax.

And I've uploaded an additional "mesh esp" only version in the Optional Files to make it easy to make your textures compatible with the meshes.

You'll find the first example here:
Majestic Landscapes 8K - 4k upscaled by Xila Monstrr. She did a really great job by upscaling the textures for Majestic Landscapes.
Download her textures and the "Meshes Esp only" file in the optional files of Majestic Landscapes and you can enjoy the mod in 4k or 8k.


(please read the installation section) and Veydosebrom.
And the transitions with the lod worked pretty good.

The mod is compatible with all worldmap mods.

The transition with lore friendly grass mods is usally pretty good. I was very careful in selecting the texture that I've put in this pack.

You can now use the Community Shaders for Complex Material too.


  • First download and install the xLodGen Textures and generate your landscape lod. You won't need any additional adjustments. It should generate a fitting lod out of the box. (you only need the generation once. I don't plan changes that require a second lod generation)
  • Uninstal the xLodGen Textures
  • install the Majestic Landscapes main File
  • Simply install the Main Mod and overwrite conflicts as long as you don't plan to keep certain textures from another mod.
  • I recommend Veydosebrom + Cathedral 3D Pine Grass
  • I high recommend Better Dynamic Snow version 2 if you use other Parallax mods too. A lot of other Parallax mods used the wrong Shader Type for
    Parallax Mapping via Enb. And this wrong Shader Material has issues with Single Pass Snow.While real Enb Parallax uses the Environment Mapping material to add Parallax. And this works with Single Pass Snow. And more important: Single Pass Snow + Enb Parallax doesn't float.

Additional Notes for the Optional "Mesh Esp only" pack. If you want to create a compatible texture pack:

  • Please examine the folder structure of Majestic Landscapes. I had to use different textures for the mesh parts. Because Enb uses Environment Mapping for POM. And I created a white Alpha channel while I set the decal layers to blending. This ensures that the meshes will look correct with other, compatible packs too.
  • I decided to use the real Enb Parallax via the Environment Mapping and chose single Pass Snow + Projected diffuse to get really smooth snow cover transitions.
  • The Dirtcliff meshes are a good example on how to implement Parallax + Single Pass Snow into the game. Because the Snow doesn't float and has a smooth coverage transition. And a lot of snow meshes of Majestic Mountains Parallax are a good example too.


Cofi did a lot of the screenshots
You can visit his channel here