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Eucleia Septima is a standalone voiced Imperial mage follower. She's a mildly eccentric, indecisive academic. She's wry, curious, and a little snooty.

Permissions and credits
Eucleia Septima is a standalone voiced Imperial mage follower. She's a mildly eccentric, indecisive academic. She's wry, curious, and a little snooty. 

She has a "no attacking innocents" morality when being given commands but will commit property crime. While following, she will teleport to you upon entering a new cell, or periodically if she's too far away from you (this can be toggled on/off with dialogue). She can be found at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth, where she will stay when dismissed. She has an optional summon spell and carries a copy of the tome on her.

She has about 540 lines, including reactions to specific locations and people. 

She has a variety of vanilla destruction spells (no AOEs, to prevent unintended aggro). She will cast invisibility on herself when you sneak. Her spell damage will additionally increase by 1% per player level. She uses light armor and will also use one-handed swords if you give them to her. She comes with her own outfit that she'll always wear if no other clothes/light armor is given to her.

Example lines:
On prison: "My great-grandmother was in prison for a few years. Plagiarism drama."
On Whiterun: "It's a lovely town to have vicious neighborly feuds in."
On Falmer: "The mouthbreathing these Falmer critters do is . . . off-putting."
On the Forsworn: "What's the obsession with bad taxidermy here?"
On warlocks: "I sympathize with feral warlocks. Grad school can do that to you."

Credits for assets used:
Arta14 glasses (thanks again!!)
sforzinda Imitations 
KS Hairdos 
The Eyes of Beauty 
SG Female Textures Renewal 
Koralina's Eyebrows 
Equippable tomes

Compatibility: Load this before anything that changes the Silver-Blood Inn cell, just in case.

Update planned: I may get motivation to expand her more in the future (quest awareness, etc.).

Not planned: Romance and interactions with other followers aren't really planned, sorry.

"Somehow she lost her glasses/tome accessory/whatever!" Take everything you've given her back (important!) and target her with the resetinventory command. Or console command help eucleia's to get a list of her default items so you can add the lost item back to her.

"She still won't equip a piece of clothing or light armor I've given her!" The update should have made this issue better, but Skyrim's outfit system with regard to followers is still really inflexible sometimes. You can forcibly remove her options by using the showinventory console command and the removeitem command together to delete the problem piece of equipment.

"I'm updating and can't get the summon tome!" Console command help "summon eucleia" with the quotes will give you an item ID to cheat it in.

"This is not top-tier professional voice acting quality!" You're right, and I'm at peace with it. I did my best! Here is a recipe for cheddar chive biscuits that is very good. I recommend adding a small amount of onion powder and garlic salt. 

Known issue: For some reason, her facial expression may sometimes get stuck with certain load orders. No idea what's up with it. Talking to her again will fix it.