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A complete locational overhaul of every waterfall in the Tamriel Worldspace.

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A complete locational overhaul of the waterfalls in the Tamriel Worldspace. Does not include DLC or interior locations.

Each waterfall location has been meticulously edited with new models and textures. Hundreds of vanilla wet rocks have also been added to remove seams caused by transparent falls. Sound markers have been moved to fit more accordingly.

Each waterfall has been replaced with edited meshes and new textures, except for fxwaterfallbodyslope, fxwaterfallbodytall, and fxwaterfallbodytall02. These will still be found in interior and DLC locations. However, they will still benefit from new foam textures. I did not want to mess around with interior cells due to needing hundreds of patches, but perhaps in the future.

Markarth is also affected and may need patches for edits to its Worldspace.

Along with waterfalls, all foam and rapids have been replaced with edited meshes and new textures. Rapids and waterfalls will now have much more variety than before.

Not compatible with any mods that directly alter waterfall locations. No navmeshes were edited. This mod only adds waterfalls in the locations they were already found, and hundreds of vanilla rocks to those locations.
Markarth was also edited to use new waterfalls and may require patches for anything that edits its Worldspace.


Miscellaneous Notes:
*I moved as many jumping Salmon around as I could, but I'm sorry in advance if you run into any stupid fish jumping into rocks...
  • Check out this patch by Nicoroshi to help with this:
  • Optional patch in FOMOD to replace jumping salmon with blank meshes to remove them completely.
*The waterfall models used in this mod are larger than vanilla. This may cause some visual oddities underwater in certain places. I recommend using a water mod that doesn't clear out your underwater image space. There is an optional water overhaul included in the files tab.
*Bard's Leap Summit is actually a difficult jump now.


Not 100% compatible with other foam retextures. I don't know how the waterfalls will look if the textures are overwritten, but could work out if you tried.