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A simple mod that adds the ability to scrap most all weapons and armor, and mix potions for simpler inventory management.

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At it's core this mod attempts to remove some of the grind in Smithing and Alchemy, as well provide for more convenient and orderly inventory management.


Using the Tanning Rack and Smelter will now grant XP along the Smithing track.

Nearly all unenchanted weapons and armor can be scraped. Weapons and metal armors will grant one Ore per Ingot needed to craft that item. Leather armors can be scrapped into Leather Strips.

The values of Iron Ore and Iron Ingots have been dramatically reduced. The values of Iron/Steel armors and weapons has been halved.


Using a Cooking station will now grant XP along the Alchemy track.

Certain non-crafted Potions can now be mixed at Cooking pots to "upgrade" to the next potion tier. Restore potions mix at an "addition", for example, two Potion of Minor Healing (heals 25hp) can be made into one Potion of Healing (heals 50hp). Whereas Regeneration positions, and other "bankable" potions like Invisibility, can be mixed at a 2:1 ration.


  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfires
  • Dragonborn


  • This is a modified port of my Skyrim mod Simple Smithing.
  • At this time, I have no intention to make this available for consoles. If you would like to, message me.


If you're here, you probably know how to do this. But since everybody else includes it:

  • Nexus Mod Manager - Click "Download (NMM)" and let it do it's thing!
  • Manual Install - Put the ESP in the .../Skyrim Special Edition/Data/* Folder; likewise remove it to uninstall