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MCO SKSE plugin remade to work with all Skyrim versions including the latest AE build.

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MCO SKSE plugin remade to work with all Skyrim versions including the latest AE build.


Modern Combat Overhaul's SKSE plugin is used to add "recovery" frames to attack animations, which lets the player exit attacks early via directional inputs on supported movesets. This mod is a remake of that SKSE plugin which allows ADXP and MCO movesets to be fully functional above AE 1.6.629.

The original plugin was made by dTry, however he unfortunately never posted the source code and can't find it on his computer anymore, and he's also quite busy at the moment. This mod is a remake based on how distar believes it works. This was done in advance of future developments where we want to expose directional inputs to behaviours properly.

This uses the movement vector before True Directional Movement modifies them. Other mods may be able to modify this, but in such a scenario we probably want to recover quickly anyway.


Attack - MCO|DXP (


Address Library for SKSE Plugins

VR Address Library for SKSEVR


Compatible with all game versions, although VR is untested and probably useless.


doodlum/skyrim-mco-stopgap (


dTry for the original mod as well as his other plugins I could learn from. He can do whatever he wants with the source code here.
distar for information and testing.
Ersh for his Dodge Framework source code.
Converting Thumbstick Input to Useful N-Directional Input blog post for the math (not actually needed but looks fancier).