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About this mod

Adds a new set of Khajiiti style light armor, with a handful of alternate colors.

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This mod adds a new set of Khajiiti style light armor inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr. I've always loved the designs of Khajiit clothing, architecture, and music in those zones, which are basically a mishmash of Asian cultures. And since there have only been 2 khajiit armor mods that I know of (there was only 1 when I started), I figured it would be a cool project to try and bring some more of Elsweyr into Skyrim.

The meshes and textures were made completely from scratch using Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Marvelous Designer. I learned a lot from this project, getting much more comfortable at Zbrush and trying out Marvelous Designer for the first time. This mod was a pain in the ass half of the time, but it's finally done.

Thank you to Enroys and adventures_of_the_dovah for playtesting and feedback, and THERESE for 3D support all the times I got stuck during this project ;_;

Update 1.1 (or something, idk how to number these really)
  • Added unarmored/clothing versions of each color, craftable at a tanning rack
  • Added unenchanted versions of the gauntlets
  • Added optional ESL-flagged plugin to remove the book requirement from crafting

Some Notes:
  • The robes work for males and females across all races, with weight slider support.
  • The gauntlets do extra damage when attacking unarmed.
  • I've spent countless hours trying to rid the torso clipping. I feel I've succeeded mostly but there may still be some minimal clipping depending on your animations or pose mods.
  • The CBBE patch just fixes the gap at the wrist when using CBBE female hand meshes

How to Obtain:
  • First, you must buy the Crafting Style book from one of the Khajiit caravan traders (Ri'saad, Ahkari, and Madran). The robes
    cannot be crafted until you've at least opened the book.
  • Have the Glass Smithing perk unlocked, and head to a forge to craft the "armor" with the required materials

If you take any cool screenshots with the mod, don't be afraid to add them to the page!

  • Install with a mod manager or manually like any normal mod.
  • If using the CBBE hands patch, install the main mod and then install the patch after that so it overwrites.