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Mesh replacer for Erikur's house in Solitude. Updated the appearance of the building, added chimneys and many various details , redone the roof, fixed some mesh issues.

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There are eight buildings made in the noble style in Solitude. Sadly, they have a rather monotonous appearance, many details and architectural elements are repeated on each of them. All eight buildings have exactly the same gable on their roofs, among others. Many shapes are overly rough and simplistic, for example, tiles form a straight-line joint with wooden beams on almost all roofs and sheds. It looks too flat, ugly and unnatural. Also, for some reason, chimneys were not made for six of these buildings.
This mod makes conspicuous changes to the architecture of the building, trying to make it more unique and rich in detail, while not diverging too much from the original appearance.

  •  mesh only
  • fully compatible with retextures
  • added two chimneys
  • the roof received new gables and a ridge
  • 3d tiles added to the edges of the roof and sheds
  • many small details added
  • reworked some structural elements that had exactly the same shape and differed only in wood or stone textures, now wooden and stone parts are made quite differently
  • fixed some issues in geometry, UV mapping, Vertex color
  • more accurate collision
  • for better compatibility with mods that add new light sources, the mesh is divided into parts, similar to the Flickering Meshes Fix
  • parallax option requires appropriate textures

Video by ArticFox Upload By Giantjay, many thanks.

Install with overwrite with your favorite mod manager or manually.

Thanks to the authors of great tools NifSkope 2SSEEditSSE NIF OptimizerSniff

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