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This mod allows you to easily and dynamically add auto storage to any container in the game, and create your own custom storage lists for each container to store exactly what you want. It's flexible and compatible with pretty much any house mod, or any mods that add new items to the game.

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This mod allows you to easily and dynamically add auto storage to any container in the game, and create your own custom storage lists for each container to store exactly what you want.  It's flexible and compatible with pretty much any house mod, or any mod that adds new items to the game.  It's also designed to be easy and clean to uninstall, so you can try it out worry free.  Just follow the uninstall instructions at the bottom if you plan to stop using it.


  • Auto Storage: allows you to turn any container into an auto storage container, quickly and easily.
  • Custom Lists: you create you own custom auto storage Item List for each container so it stores exactly what you want and nothing else.
  • Storage Keep: you don't have to store every item in your Item List, you can choose to keep a certain amount of each.
  • Storage Take: You can choose to take a specified amount of each item in your Item List from a container.
  • Save Custom Lists: you can save a custom Item List and easily load it to a different container.
  • Preset Lists: there are a few preset lists to give you starting point for your custom list.
  • Workstation Link: You can link a workstation to any auto storage container and it will retrieve the items for you when you use it, and return them when you're finished.
  • Fishy Friend: he's your friend and he loves you.

Author's note *ding*: Honestly, you can read all the crap below but the mod has a built in tutorial and it's pretty self explanatory, so I recommend just installing it and giving it a go.  All the wordage below makes it seem more complicated than it is.  You can always come back if you're confused.

Auto Storage Details

Alright, so you want to know some nitty gritty details on auto storage.  Well, it begins, as all beautiful stories do, with a fish...

The magical Auto Storage Fish will swim to you as soon as you install the mod, and it is he who hath the power to bestow auto storage onto any container you desire.  To do so is easy; just place the fish in the container you want to have auto storage and voila, that's pretty much it.  You can do this on up to 50 containers.  But now, here's an important bit, you should probably know how to access the auto storage menu once it's set up. Between this description page and the in-game tutorial you'll probably figure out that AIS uses a multi-tap system for its containers.  Put simply:

Single-activate -- opens the container normally
Double-activate -- opens the Auto Storage menu
Triple-activate -- opens the Container Settings menu

When you double-activate the container you'll see this lovely message box pop up and you can select the "Store All" or "Store Amount" options.  Store All will, obviously, store all the items in the Item List when you click it.

Store Amount will let you select how much of each item in the Item List you want to keep on your person.  If you select keep one, for instance, you'll keep one of every item and the rest will be stored.  Pretty straight forward.

Now, by default, the Item List is empty.  So when you press the store button nothing will actually be stored, duh.  So next I'll go over how to edit the Item List.

Custom Item List

Adding Items

So, each and every container the fish puts auto storage on will have its own unique Item List.  This is literally just a list of the items you want to be auto stored when you press the store button.  To edit the list, double-activate the container to open the Auto Storage menu and select the "Edit List" option. By default it is empty so you'll just see a container menu named Item List with nothing in it.  Kewl, now you just need to add some items.  Literally select an item from your inventory and store it in the Item List container.  You can place an entire stack of items in it and that's fine too.  You'll notice that one of that item will now be in the Item List, which means it's now part of your auto storage list.  "But where did my items go?" you cry through fiery tears.  Relax, when you add an item or stack of items into the Item List, they'll automatically be placed in the storage container for you.  See, just saved you some time *high five*.

Removing Items

Removing an item from the Item List is just as easy.  Simply take the item out, that's it.  The item is removed from your list and will no longer be auto stored.  Yay.  Word of caution though: DO NOT USE THE TAKE ALL BUTTON WHEN REMOVING ITEMS FROM THE ITEM LIST. Doing so WILL duplicate most of the items and make your auto storage list erroneous.  If this happens on accident, don't panic, then panic, then finish panicking.  Best thing to do is just reload a save before you did that.  If, for some reason, that just isn't possible, you can easily fix the Item List by selecting the "Clear List" option.  But you won't be able to do anything about the duplicated items except throw them away or something.  Or you could keep the spoils and keep using the take all button to cheat, you beautiful cheater you.  No one can stop your dreams.

Saving/Loading Lists

One nifty thing you can do is save your custom made Item List and load it to another container with a few easy clicks.  This makes moving into a new home a breeze (ha).  To do this, triple-activate the container to open the Container Settings menu, and then select "Save/Load List".  From there click save and choose a slot to save the list into.  When you go to load it just choose the same slot number you saved it in.  You can also load a preset list made by yours truly that gives you head start on your custom list.  The "ingredients" list will, for instance, load that container's Item List with all the ingredients from the vanilla game.  Since this mod is not dependent on any DLC (except Hearthfire), the preset lists do not include any DLC items.  Just add those to your list yourself, there's not that many.

Workstation Link

So, you're feeling kinda lazy and don't want to haul your items between your storage container and a workstation.  Then set up a workstation link between the two and problem solved.  To do so, triple-activate the container to open the Container Settings menu and select the "Link" option.  Then just go to the workstation you want linked and use it.  Confirm the message that pops up and you're golden.  Now, the next time you use that workstation any of the items in that container that match its Item List will be transferred to you beforehand so you can craft with them, and returned to the container when you're done. To unlink a workstation, just double-activate it and confirm the unlink message.  You can link as many workstations as you want to a container, but only one container can be linked to an individual workstation.  However, you can only link a total of 25 workstations.

FAQ (probably)

Is there a limit to how many auto storage containers I can set up?
Yes, you can create up to 50 auto storage containers and each container's Item List can hold up to 256 items. Also, you can link up to 25 workstations.

My stuff isn't moving from the container when I use a linked workstation, pourqoui?
Make sure that the items you want to be transferred to you from the container are in that container's Item List. Only items that match the Item List will be moved.

Will using the "Reset All" button also reset my custom saved item lists?
Nope, the lists you save in the custom slots are safe unless you make a clean save.

Can I link more than one workstation to a container?

Can I link more than one container to a workstation?

Why a fish?


About as easy as it gets.  Just download the file and install it with either NMM or Wrye Bash.  To do it manually, just extract the BSA and ESP files and place them your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.


When upgrading to a new version, you don't need to make a clean save as the upgrade process will happen automatically once you load a save.


There's really only one important step you need to follow to uninstall the mod. Triple-activate an auto storage container to open the Container Settings menu and select "Reset All". This puts the mod in a state where it's safe to uninstall. So do that and then uninstall the mod normally.

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