Skyrim Special Edition

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New 3D model and textures for the Nightshade plant. 5 colors swapped randomly with a 20% chance using powerofthree's Base Object Swapper.

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I figured it was about time I learn to make my own models instead of always hunting for free resources to use and edit. With many days of struggle and some very helpful YouTube tutorials, I bring you brand new Nightshade plants. Models made by me from scratch in Blender, textures made by me in Substance Painter and Photoshop. Five different colors swapping at random thanks to powerofthree's Base Object Swapper. Optional ENB lights that match each plant, thanks to Rudy102 for the This model is high poly, but only roughly 6x the triangles (5,246) compared to vanilla nightshade (926) and the performance impact will be unnoticeable for most.

I based the appearance of my nightshade flowers off of the Belladonna Lilly, but then wanted to mix fantasy with reality so I made the flowers big and beautiful, arranged more like garden flowers and not a bush. A plant to draw you in with it's poisonous beauty. The intensity of the ENB lights will vary depending on your chosen ENB. I use
PRT XII with the Next Gen Photorealistic Graphics preset. 

1. Make sure you have Base Object Swapper and all of its requirements up to date. If it isn't working and you want to ask for help, please make sure you have double checked that everything is up to date before commenting (Base Object Swapper, Address Library for SKSE Plugins, powerofthree's Tweaks)
2. Install with your preferred mod manager, and that's it :)

 Load after anything changing the Nightshade01 ingredient (example: Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants), if you don't the only thing that will happen is that you won't see the inventory item displayed properly. Patch for Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul is available for the ingredient stats to match CACO. Load the patch after this mod and CACO, LOOT will sort this automatically. Textures are 4k by default, 2K optional file available. All plugins are ESL flagged. 

~ Color examples ~


Thanks to Stormbringer0508 and Achroous for testing. powerofthree for Base Object swapper. Rudy 102 for 

Tools used:
Outfit Studio
Substance Painter

~ ENB Light Examples ~

Thanks for reading the description if you made it down here :)