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Higher poly Eldergleam Sap item with new textures that look more like sap with multilayer parallax.

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Noticed there were no replacers (that I know of) for Eldergleam Sap in the quest Blessings of Nature so I did one.

- Includes the mesh and a couple 1k textures.
- Mesh is now high poly, the container is less jagged and the sap itself has a more interesting shape, resembling sap a bit more
- Sap has multilayer parallax so the little bubbles look bit more 3D
- Includes textures that look a bit more like sap unlike the spoilt milk looking thing in vanilla, but I tried to keep it looking interesting and fantasy-esque, not resorting to just amber color with bubbles. I personally like the outcome but it's a matter of taste
- No esp
- Should be compatible with everything

- Download the main file and install with MO2 as normal

- Uninstall whenever, doesn't matter, before, after, during save, loading in loading out, indoors outdoors, at the door, laying down or upside down doesn't matter. It's just meshes and textures.

None. Bucket texture ( replacers that don't adhere to vanilla UV-scheme might look wonky, but that's up to the bucket replacer to worry about. Pictures taken with bucket from Project Clarity AIO - Skyrim Textures Redone by IconicDeath.


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Shoot me a msg if you see something in game you'd like to see in higher poly :)