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New Animations for Reanimated NPCs. Make them act more soulless.

Permissions and credits

  • New idle-walk-run-sprint animations for reanimated humanoids.
  • ESP-FE OR No-ESP (Only OAR v2.1.0+ Version)
  • The mod i used for reanimated in previews is Undead FX.


1. DAR and OAR Version
2. OAR Version
Really Quick Video Preview

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- Compatible with most mods since Version 1.1+

  • Q. Is it compatible with X?
  • A. I can't answer that because i don't know. You might wanna try it by yourself.

  • Q. Is it okay to install or update the mod mid-playthrough?
  • A. Yes.

  • Q. Is this script-heavy?
  • A. No. It just one simple script to detect a reanimated npc. You can have a look at the source file. It's kinda embarrassing to call this a script haha.

  • Q. Why does this suddenly require SPID and Papyrus Extender?
  • A. The previous version has issues like animations are applied to non-reanimated & mod incompatibility. I couldn't fix that without po3's mods, since DAR has limited conditions.  If you don't like it, you can stick to old one (1.02). But it's kinda buggy.
  • SPID - For distributing a spell, which has a script attached to it.
  • Papyrus Extender - For detecting reanimated npcs accurately.

  • Q. Why esp?
  • A. Without a plugin, my script won't work. If you wanna remove the mod mid-playthrough, just delete Reanimated Detector_DISTR.ini
  • And delete the rest of the files before you start a new playthrough.

  • Q. Can you make animations more slower?
  • A. Nope. i don't wanna re-do all the annotations.

  • Q. Why DAR?
  • A. Idk how to make this work with FNIS/Nemesis.

  • Q. Attack animation?
  • A. I don't have enough skills for that. Maybe in the future.

  • Q. Reanimated person wouldn't walk like this.
  • A. I haven't seen one in real life, so it might be inaccurate.

  • Q. I don't like certain animation.
  • A. Get DAR Explorer to find the animation you don't like and delete that hkx file.

To Do List
  • Combat Idle