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Updated run, walk & sprint animations edited from vanilla. Removes jitters, bouncier, smoother, more casual looking.

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Pristine Vanilla Movement
Base Animation Replacer by Everglaid

I've always stuck to vanilla movement, even with the many options out there. I just like how it looks.
After delving into making some run/walk anims for another project (hehe) I noticed little things in vanilla that I can't unsee.

This mod edits the vanilla run & walk animations, fixing broken loops, jittery limbs, 'clicking' motions, etc.
It also stylizes a bit, smoothing out arcs and changing posture. Animations are more casual looking. Run has a slight bounce.

Covers all 8 directions, walk, run, sprint, male & female.

Please use a mod manager.
Safe to uninstall mid-game.


Recommended Mods:
True Directional Movement - 360° movement & procedural leaning
SmoothCam - prevents any camera location/fov snapping

This is just an animation replacer like other mods.
Feel free to use this as a 'base' mod and have other animation sets overwrite this one, based on your preference.
Many animation sets do not cover the 6 backward animations. (do any?)

useless animation info, what i changed if you care, FAQ:


- fix broken things
- make it look the way i want lol
- look casual, calm and less intentionally 'pretty' or 'intimidating'
- but still vanilla-ish! still can be interpreted as above! but it's less in your face
- should look better on a variety of character types
- as in large/thin/timid/buff, etc

actual run changes:

- jittery, freezing legs > smooth arc
- upper body 'clicks' > softened
- most arm movement in forearms > more whole arm movement, less elbow arc
- added slight vertical bounce (insp. from SFRA :)))
- reduced stomach mesh stretching
- straighter posture
- less chicken dance looking
- broken fingers fixed???


- smoother elbow bending
- broken diagonal walk loop fixed (wtf bethesda)
- more casual posture/angles
- reduced joint snapping when foot makes contact with ground
- clavicles move less
- improved possible skirt clipping

- broken fingers again
- female sprint has this odd right hand wave, fixed

technical details that some other movement mods leave out >:(

- skirt bone animations are intact
- as close as i can get to seamless looping (obviously)
- footstep sounds intact


Q: why is there an faq
A: im procrastinating atm and typing this is very calming

Q: how different do the animations really look, me eye is untrained
A: forward run & walk is p different, backwards had minor touch-ups
left/right/diagonal anims are just forward with some extra rotations like EVGCI and that worked idk

Q: what mods are you using!!
A: in the video/screenshots? at the end of the youtube video i go quickly through all equipment & stuff, check there. also rough modlist in nexus bio.

for the main image, from left to right

CotR (all characters)
custom hair, Toughened Traveler Outfit (custom edit,) zzjay's Wardrobe
darksouls&bloodborne pack (on L0versl4b)
KS Hairdos, Kozakowy's Falka Armor (custom edit,) Sunjeong's Ninirim Collection, Darkend Elite sword, CC Backpack
CC Dead Man's Dread - Cyrus' Outfit (custom retexture, SAM refit)

image taken in the Review Studio for photoshop editing

Q:  what mods ar eyou usingd.asru83h4uvhnjad?? answer me directly  ??

Q: i love these animations
A: that is not a question but please put that in the comments i need the affirmations

Q: i do not like these animations
A: if you put this in the comments i will attempt to blow you up telepathically through the screen but unfortunately i am not a psychic. or am i