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A new ice texture mod that focuses on quality. Covers caves, glaciers and icicles.

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Icy Glaciers 8K is my first texture mod that seeks quality and uniqueness to be found in ice textures. This has been for a long time in the works with a lot of complex features for an ice texture mod. 


- Very high quality texture with 8K and 4K options
- IMR meshes customized to work with these textures
- New experimental meshes featuring no seams and randomized details
- Covers: Caves - Glaciers - Icicles 
- Customizable final look for main Glaciers

// If you're using IMR use only cave meshes and/or IcyFixes.esm


These textures come in 4K and 8K. I've provided a texture difference to help you understand how major or minor the quality hit might be between the available options. There's also a new 2K version for low end systems or anyone who's looking to save any amount of Vram.

There's various options to pick from in how you may prefer your ice to look and feel like. 
The main textures for ice do not alter however their normal maps do. The normal maps allow the texture to be manipulated. Making it look more bumpy and smooth or very detailed and rough. 

There's also parallax texture and color options.

The Experimental Meshes:

These meshes are my own remake of the original vanilla meshes. These are more performance friendly than the standard meshes however they have very unique features and their own pros and cons.
Let's start with pros:
- These meshes have as good as no seams due to remade UVs

- The texture displacement is very high quality and fairly random
- Textures have melty texture to it by default in certain specific areas
- Far less repetitive texture placement 
- Better back lighting functionality 

- Snow projection may look a bit weird in certain spots 
- The melty areas of a texture is very subjective. A hit or miss.
- Only a handful of meshes have been made like this. Further development of these meshes will depend on the feedback. If people actually like it or even prefer it over the original vanilla meshes then I'll expand the mesh list that have these features.
- Works only with 4K-8K texture resolution


As much as I'd love to consider this mod a perfection. It's not. I'm talking specifically about caves here, no matter how incredible your textures or meshes are. They will always have various problems that I've come across during the development of my mods, especially this. 
By default, ice caves were never made to support parallax and on top of that using various shaders. It's very awkward and extremely inconsistent with the way lighting works there. So with that being said, you will notice certain objects not blending properly, multilayered parallax inconsistencies and so on.
Hopefully a mod revamping ice caves will come up in the future :)