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A renovation of the smaller inns, just in time for the Special Edition! Adds cooking stations to all, and shrines to most. Never wonder which inn you're at again!

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Special Edition is here!
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You are Dragonborn. Fabled adventurer wandering about Skyrim doing things, and killing stuff. After a long day battling bandits and devouring dragon souls, you head to a nearby inn to drink the night away. But the next day you got a problem. You wake up, and where the hell are you?
(Actually Nightgate, but it's difficult to tell right?)

Dawnstar? Falkreath? Winterhold? Rorikstead? What quest were you on? What happened last night?


This mod changes the interior of 11 inns.
  • Windpeak Inn
  • Four Shields Tavern
  • Dead Man's Drink
  • Vilemyr Inn
  • Braidwood Inn
  • Moorside Inn
  • Nightgate Inn
  • Old Hroldan Inn
  • Sleeping Giant Inn
  • Frostfruit Inn
  • The Frozen Hearth

I didn't change the large inns in the cities because they were already unique looking and offered cooking stations. I added to the Old Hroldan exterior because it was looking lonely. I added a small meadery out back, a stable, a smithy, and a home for the blacksmith. Which meant I needed to make a blacksmith, so I did. I really wanted to make her a trainer but I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. I tried for days, but I can't understand why the dialogue box won't pop up. I left it in there incase I get it working later on. If anyone has any ideas, please lemme know.

I also added a dark elf merchant to Kynesgrove who will buy your stolen goods. I thought that place could use another Dunmer and having someone to buy your ill-gotten gains is always nice.

You might wonder about the Imperial and Stormcloak decorations in Four Shields Tavern and Vilemyr Inn. If you progress in the civil war and the opposing faction takes control of that territory, then the decoration *should* change. Haven't had time to test that yet, but I think I did it right.


After spending weeks building up my load order with 200+ mods, with ImmersiveThis and RealisticThat, I'm finally ready to start my Skyrim Story. (A webseries I've had in mind for awhile now - link forthcoming.)
Then I walked into an inn. What came next was  a lot of late nights learning to use the Kit and listening to role-players on YouTube play the game that I might one day play when I'm done fixing everything. Sigh. So this is my first mod for Skyrim. I've experience making things for other games though, I just don't have the time anymore to do this as much as I'd like.

I took a few creative liberties, but I feel like it's all still very lore-friendly. While working in Riverwood I took a liking to Orgnar, who I empathized with. I imagined him as a guy who spends a lot of his time daydreaming. He gets his job done on his own time-frame and gets a lot of nitpicking from his boss about it, but he's not bothered. So I invented a hobby for him, crafting miniatures, and gave him a friend, Thoring, who also crafts miniature ships. The other story bit I put in was a note from innkeeper Hadring, to world-renowned chef and basement-dweller Balagog. There's a fantastic kitchen
(you might say it's InnCredible) that I built for him in Nightgate and I thought a little background would nice. I did set ownership on the kitchen so only Balagog can use it, but I won't be making changes to the NPCs themselves in this mod. I'll do that in the 3DNPC patch. Trying to keep things compatible, y'know.

Recommended Mods:
This mod is incompatible with anything that changes interiors of the Inns, obviously, as well as the OldHroldanExteriors.
It is also incompatible with ELFX currently, but Realistic Lighting Overhaul works beautifully.

NOTE: some of these may not be ported over to Skyrim SE yet. I'll link only to SE versions.

Interesting NPCs - (link to 3DNPC SSE Alpha) This mod is essential. It add so many unique and wonderfully voiced characters, and also some very interesting quests. I've only scratched the surface though, this mod is a beast. Don't forget the patch on my file page.

Old Hroldan Ruins - I highly recommend this now that I've got the patch done. Everything fits together so nicely you might think it was planned from the start. It really looks natural and ruined, yet lived in. Anyway, you should get Old Hroldan Ruins, Enhanced Edition and see how it fits with my mod. The Skyrim Bridges version works as well.

JK's Skyrim - jkrojmal is my hero, and made every city feel real, and lived in. I just feel embarrassed for Bethesda when I look at the vanilla game now. If you don't have a great town overhaul like this, it's gonna feel weird going from inside say, Four Shields Tavern, to vanilla DragonBridge. But, you probably got one already, don't you? ;)

Kynesgrove -  Arthmoor does a great job expanding the area around this lonely little inn so I don't have to.

Cutting Room Floor - Adds to the area around Nightgate, as well as a bunch of other great things. Another great job by Arthmoor.

I'm a Customer Dammit - Love this mod, it works like magic. Makes it easy to order and eat food, without emptying the tables or accidentally stealing. Wonderful.

Perseid's Inns and Taverns: Realistic Room Rental Basic - Do NOT get the Enhanced version or bad things will happen. But Basic is nice if you want to change the prices of the beds in each inn.

  • My wife, for being so lovely and supportive in everything I do.
  • Darkfox127 for all his tutorial videos that taught me most everything I know.
  • YouTube Roleplayers Rycon Roleplays, GamerPoets, CouchWarriorTV, and Grandma Shirley for keeping me company on all those late nights with their great stories and great adventures.
  • CouchWarriorTV again, for their roadsign decoration idea that I stole and used in Morthal. Great idea dudes, it's a nice touch.
  • Perseid9 and his mod Perseid's Inns and Taverns whose ideas influenced me and I used some of them in my mod. Unfortunately I just didn't agree with some of his design decisions which is why I made my own mod. Though the basic version works just fine.


1.3.1 - Fixed a Worldspace water issue in xEdit, and while I was at it I forwarded some changes from USSEP.

1.3 - Saved in the SE CK. Changed the look of the fireplaces, added clutter to The Frozen Hearth and Frostfruit Inn.

1.2 - I skipped this one, my bad.

1.1 - Made some minor tweaks to the lighting, fixed a few clipping issues and solved a navmesh issue I found in Ivarstead. Just a small update to fix the things annoying me.