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Adds rope arrow abilities when using bows.

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This mod adds 2 abilities when performing bow attacks (MCO)

Version 1.3
  • Fixes the animation setting so it can work with latest version of Payload Interpreter which only use PIE as the animation event for triggering the spells/effects.

Version 1.2 
  • Reduces the speed of "move" rope arrow
  • Adjusted the position of the rope when firing so it wont look like its coming out of your mouth XD
  • Fixed the texture of Rope Attachment.

Version 1.1
  • To use the abilities add the rope(attachment/equipment) using AddItemMenu or use console command and equip it. This will let you decide weather to have the mod working or not by equipping or unequipping the rope. This also changes the pulling animation file instead of bow block bash, now it uses MCO_attack1 this will let you do your bow bashing normally and also this will somehow work now with Smooth's Rapid Bow Combo mod (pls refer to the video of v1.1)

1. Rope Arrow = W + PA.   Acts like a grappling hook that lets you move to the target location.

2. Rope Arrow Pull = S + PA.  Enemies hit by this will be pulled.

-both abilities consume 50 stamina although you can change the cost by modifying the config on payloadinterpreter folder.
-you can also change the moving or pulling animations. the moving animation uses normal sprint attacks while the pulling animation uses the bow block bash MCO_Attack1. (dar folders 2130085599 2130085600 2130085601)

Ctto of the Animation i used for this mod - Skypia - thank you for letting me use your animation.