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This mod provides what is needed to generate 3D LOD models using DynDOLOD 3 for various BlubboDE tree mods. No longer a WIP.

Permissions and credits
I absolutely adore BlubboDE's work and I wanted to improve the LOD models for my own use. With permission, I have complied what is needed to generate 3D LOD models for some of BlubboDE's mods.

Currently, I have provided 3D LOD add-ons for Blubbos PineTreeReplacer 2022 - version 2.0, Blubbos Snow Pine Tree Replacer, and Blubbos Tree Replacer for Reach.

Do not use this mod with any pine trees that are not Blubbo's pine tree replacer version 2. This will conflict and ruin the 3D LODs that Blubbo has already provided for his mods.

Unfortunately I cannot continue working on this mod.

You will be required to run Tex_Gen and DynDOLOD 3 to see these changes.

As long as you load this after BluddoDE's respective mod, you should be set. You may merge these files with the original tree mod (this is how I have done it).

I have not done my own testing but I suspect that the Fixed Mesh Lighting mod might be incompatible as it likely changes the CRC32 values. I would appreciate feedback on what may or may not be compatible.


I want to thank BlubboDE for his permission to create this and for his fantastic tree models. I would also like to thank sheson for the incredible DynDOLOD 3. Lastly, thank you to the team at Step Modifications for a very handy guide and for their work on various 3D LOD add-ons that gave me much inspiration.