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Changes Lydia's "Sworn to Carry your Burdens" Line to something lass sarcastic.

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Lydia is a pretty cool gal, all the way until you ask her to carry something. Then she gets snotty with you. This mod aims to change that by putting some more pleasant words in her mouth.
Right now it makes her say, "What do you want me to carry", but I might add more options later on.


You should always know exactly what you're downloading and putting into your savegames.

-How does it work? Has it been cleaned?-

This mod makes only two changes in the CK. First, it takes the conditions for the "Sworn to Carry Your Burdens" line, and makes it so Lydia is not an option. Then, it takes the "What Do You Want Me to Carry?" line conditions, and specifies that Lydia should use it.
TES5Edit Cleaning needs to happen when there are unintentional/bad edits to the game through an .esp file, mainly due to the modder testing things out, and later reverting the changes. I did all my testing through a different .esp than what is being hosted here. I did not touch anything other than the two dialog records while making the .esp you will be downloading, so there shouldn't be anything that needs to be cleaned out of it.


This mod should be compatible with pretty much everything, as it only changes two dialog records. The only things that would be incompatible are mods that completely overhaul Lydia's voice (and if you're using one of those mods, you probably won't need this one anyway).

-Future of the Mod-

I plan on might make more options if I see a need for it. If you know of a dialog line that is part of Lydia's voice type that you would prefer as a response to "Let me trade with you", let me know.
For that matter, if you can think of any other NPCs who could use something like this, let me know and I'll see if I can dig up something in the CK.


This mod comes packaged in a fomod installer. It is strongly recommended that you use NMM, or a fomod compatible mod installer.
For Manual Installation:
Find the folder titled "00 Main", extract the .esp, and put it in your data folder.


Simply deactivate using your mod install software, or delete the .esp if you manually installed it. The .esp for this mod should start with 'NK'.
This mod does NOT make gamesave changes, add scripts, or anything else that meddles with save files. It is absolutely safe to remove my mod at any time.

-Version History-

    *1.0 - Initial Release. Changes Lydia's "Burdens" line to "What do you want me to carry?"


Do not upload this mod to any other site. If I want it on another site, I'll be the one to put it there.
Please ask before using my work in another mod. I would prefer knowing what kinds of things are being done with my work.
You can make compatibility patches for other mods without permission, but PLEASE give credit where credit is due, and send me a PM about it so I can add a link to the description.
If I am offline, and don't reply to PM's for 3 or more months, I give my full consent to do anything with this mod that you wish.

-My Mods-


Bethesda - For making Skyrim
Nexus Mods - For hosting such a great community of modders, and generally being awesome.
The Nexus Mods Community - You guys are the reason I'm doing this, and the reason Skyrim modding is so spectacularly robust.
My mom - You know why.