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This is a tiny mod whose sole purpose it is to remove the glowing effect on enchanted weapons.

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Good day to you and thank you for coming to my mod page!
For the Non-Special Edtion version head over to this place.

Credits for  the font in the file's splash image go to MistValkyrie:
Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer SE

This mod attempts to remove the enchantment glow that you see when holding an enchanted weapon in your hands or looking at it in your inventory.
I was not able to find a mod that achieved that completely.
One mod I tried only successfully removed the particles. There was however always a continuous coloured glow left on the weapon which made it look even worse in my humble opinion. You might prefer it, though. So here is the link:
No Enchantment Glow by Kyim

My mod works with vanilla enchantments and weapons, as well as DLC added content.

Use your preferred mod manager (like Nexus Mod Manager), I have packed the mod to work straight out of the box.
Manual installation is of course possible, but as always strongly discouraged!

I find it hard to believe that this mod bears any potential incompatilities with any other mod out there.
However, as always: Let me know if you find issues using my mod together with any other mod.

You really do not have to endorse the mod, it was simple to make, really. If you want to, however, feel free! :)

The images in the IMAGES tab only show the weapons without any effects. There is really nothing there to be found that you would not expect to see.
I for one, though, always appreciate it when mod authors add images to showcase their mod.