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Simple Outfit Manager provides an intuitive and immersive way to manage the player's different outfits without jumping into menus every few minutes to change and edit outfits. Simply create an outfit basket, active it in your inventory and place items inside to create an outfit.

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Simple Outfit Manager provides an intuitive and immersive way to create and manage player outfits without jumping into menus every few minutes to change outfits and settings. Simply create an outfit basket, activate it in your inventory and place items inside to create an outfit. Give your outfits names and appearances, opting to make full or partial outfits for your character.

Outfit baskets can be created at a tanning rack using any vanilla basket in the game. You can craft up to 15 outfit baskets to contain your various outfits. Editing an outfit will require you to unequip it first and activate it via your inventory. Creating addon outfits allows you to equip additional outfits over the top of the main outfits without equipping everything else you are currently wearing.

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How it Works

Simple Outfit Manager provides the player with an object to activate in their inventory, in this case, a basket. Once activated, a basic menu is displayed for wearing, editing or renaming your new outfit. When editing an outfit, a container menu opens allowing the player to put various items inside. Once the menu closes, all items are added to a tracking form list and stored inside a hidden-away container.

When prompted to wear an outfit either from within your inventory or through the favourites menu, all items stored in the container are transferred to the player and equipped one by one after unequipping all currently worn items. The current state of the outfit is tracked along with the previously equipped outfit.

There's a lot more to it than that, but that's a brief explanation as to the logic behind the mod's functions.



Simple Outfit Manager has a check system to ensure that items of the same type are not being added to an outfit, preventing multiple items of the same type from being equipped randomly, such as two hoods for example. Item keywords are used to determine if an item has already been added to an outfit and it will throw the item back if it doesn't accept it. Although not a perfect system, it ensures outfits remain clean and avoids issues with item equipping. This can however be disabled in the mod configuration menu under the Restrictions option in Features.

If you have any modded items that contain incorrect or multiple keywords, this can result in them being thrown back and rejected by an outfit if Restrictions are left enabled. Vanilla Skyrim even has some incorrectly assigned item keywords that are fixed by Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes, which I strongly recommend you use in conjunction with this mod. Any mods with incorrect keywords can be corrected in the Creation Kit or by using xEdit.

Ideally, I would have checked against item slots being used on the player actor, however, I was unable to find any scripting functionality to efficiently check against equipped items in slots. Alas, item keywords were the best method to use here.


If there are new items in your game utilising their own keywords that take up specific item slots, you can amend Simple Outfit Manager's script properties to include custom additional keywords using the below guidance.

If you wish to support additional item types, you must add their keywords to the
itemKeywords property on the SOMOutfitController script attached to the SOMOutfitController quest.  In addition, add their biped object slot numbers to the itemSlots property in the same place. Each Alias will also require an additional bool added to itemBools on the script SOMAlias.


If you wish to utilise the Favorites Menu functionality, adding outfits to the quick menu and switching outfits quickly, you will need to install Favorite Misc Items, allowing you to favourite miscellaneous items in the game, including outfits. You will also need to enable the function via the mod configuration menu.

To go alongside this functionality and to see changes take effect immediately after activating an outfit in the favorites menu, I recommend using Skyrim Souls RE, allowing for unpaused or slowed-down menus. This makes the entire outfit system flow nicely. Do be aware, however, that Skyrim Souls doesn't play nicely with every mod list and it's your responsibility to ensure there are no conflicts or issues.

Special Thanks

As always, a special thanks to my partner in crime simsim899 as she helped keep my sanity in check and get over a few bumps in the road. She has a good few mods of her own I strongly recommend you check out.

For various resources used in the mod, special credit goes to Oaristys and Lolicept.