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What the point to install a bunch of mod to make your NPCs beautiful if you can't see them ? Conversation Auto-enlightenment, Use ENB Light (no buggy cell light anymore), support as many follower & NPCs you want.

Permissions and credits
Better FaceLight & Conversation
Redux - ENB Light SPIDified


What's the point of installing mods to make the game and NPCs more beautiful if you can't enjoy them?
Indoor conversations are often in the dark especially if you are using a lighting mod or ENB preset.

BFL Redux will help you get the most out of your mods by illuminating your character, your followers and even the NPCs you are chatting with.

This new version use even more less scripts than my previous one.
I dropped conversation auto first person switch / auto zoom features as Alternate Conversation Camera do a better & faster job.


  • No more buggy light, as BFL use ENB light, games doesn't handle it (no bug, no save bloat, no 4 lights max)
  • 4 base Light Level: Combine them to make effect more stronger.
  • 5 Colors variation: from cool blue to warm gold (the appearance changes greatly depending on your ENB and setup)
  • Max light level setting: disable enlightenment in lighted area to avoid over lighted NPCs (150 is very bright day, 120 normal sunny day etc...), set Max light level to max if you want to disable this feature.
  • Conversation Auto-toggle with no CTD ;).
  • Automatic followers Support (enable in MCM)
  • Add/Exclude any NPCs (aim it, open MCM, click on Add Aimed NPCs)
  • No conflict (use SPID to distribute the applicator spell)
  • Simple and light mod
  • Preset management
  • Settings persistence between save

I'm open to suggestion, if you ask kindly and if I can do it (will and time).


Install requirement, put it at any place in load order, open MCM menu to enable it. Your ENB preset must use ComplexParticleLights.


  • Comparison screenshot are under my Ljoss ReLUX preset, so test with it if it doesn't work.
  • This mod only work with ENB (your preset can influence how it looks)
  • As ENB light doesn't count as a vanilla light it doesn't raise your detection that's why i didn't include a sneak toggle.
  • Due to ENB Light nature under some condition light can fade (eg: very close zoom)
  • You can notice that character light environment. It is unavoidable.
  • When you close the MCM, the BFL turns the light off and on again, this is normal.
  • Nearly all my mods can be updated on the fly, no need of a new save.

Should be compatible with everything even other face light mod (but why ?).

MrNeverLost for his MCM framework and his help to understand how to use it properly
StarShowMaster to let me uses his magic effect as base for my mine
Powerofthree for his open permission who permits me to use his enb light meshes as base.
Boris for its ENB