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This mod removes all the countainer opening animations to make looting quicker and more enjoyable.

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I deleted the animations from all the countainers(chests, dressers, endtables, strongboxes, wardrobes, cupboards and urns).
Now when we activate these objects, we don't have to wait for the animation to end, we open the containers instantly.

-I removed the branch "NiControllerManager" for every objects with NifSkope 2.0 dev6
-This mod is completely safe to install, update and uninstall, it will never Corrupt/Break your game or saves.

Isvvc for the original concept with doors

Update 1.1: I added two Nordic burial urns and a dark elf urn(dlc)
Update 1.2: Fixed the incorrect ruins chests and endtable paths
Update 1.3: I added two apocrypha urns (vessel and pod) and a vale chest found inside paragon portals


My mod is a mesh replacer for all the containers of the game that has animations when opening them. It means that if you use mods that replaces their meshes, it will disable the effect of my mod on this/these objects.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM: This mod adds a barrel animation. There is an option during installation to disable that change.