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Adds Immersive manned/unmanned border fortifications and guard posts around Skyrim's inner hold borders.
MAN THOSE BORDERS MEN!! 1.7 2023 update

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War is here.. MAN THOSE BORDERS men!!
                                                      Looks great with Hold Border Banners

The idea im going for is a conservative approach. Only adding border controls where i need to and I will not add new locations if i feel other mods can do the job far better than i could. Some defenses like those in Whiterun Hold and The Reach are old and well established, while others may have been hastily erected due to the outbreak of the civil war and new threats to the hold.

A hold's military strength would have been taken into account in relation to how unmanned or ill-equipped the post was. You may find fine fortifications fully manned with mead and food supplies a plenty. Others may just be a tent and a few stockades, a scouting post which is a deterrent to attackers rather than a strategic stronghold.

Some borders would have been left unguarded all together if the holds were considered allies or had enough resources nearby in towns to defend themselves. I openly encourage the use of other mods to compliment my own. Such as; Mods which increase the size of the smaller towns and add defenses to them, mods which add roaming and more guards in general and mods which add npcs to make the roads busier.

My Other SSE Mods
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Man THESE borders men!

Whiterun Crossroads Keep

An old keep crafted years past to control passage on the crossroads, in the western reaches of Whiterun Hold. Located in a open area to scout the open tundra, houses a small keep able to house guards and provisions.

Whiterun Crossroads Outpost

Again, guarding the Western edge of the Whiterun Hold, a very hastily put together set of woden barricades and outpost. Guards the road heading through the hold to Falkreath and Hjalmarch. Forsworn who leak from The Reach and travel on the road are swiftly dealt with. This outpost is manned by the Crossroads Keep and it left unmanned overnight.

Pale Guard Outpost

A wooden outpost and guard patrol protects the road into the Pale, the towering Whitewatch Tower is visible in the distance which does the same task for Whiterun Hold.

Falkreath Hold Northern Gate

Constructed during the troubles within The Reach and the born of the Forsworn. A wooden gate and lookout post watches over the hill to stop any undesirables and to carry out checks on passing traders.

Lake llinalta Tower

An old, once abandoned Nord tower on the border of Falkreath and Whiterun hold. Overlooks the lake and the road down to Riverwood and is now being used as a fortification in the civil war to stop any Imperial activity leaking into the Hold.

Rift Mountain Pass

Built many years ago to defend the mountain pass, has a large tower and felled trees to maximize visibility. Guards have taken up home at a nearby apparently abandoned Shack.

SunGuard Pass

An ancient structure built many years ago to control one of the routes into the Reach. Left in ruin after a Forsworn raid took control of Fort Sunguard and overwhelmed the guard from above.

Karth River Keep 

An ancient structure build many years ago to protect the hold from the north. The raised platforms protect the paths to both Karthwasten and Markarth. The keep itself serves as a resting place for both guards and travelers.

Refugee's Rest Ruins (addition to vanilla assets)

During the refugee crisis from Morrowwind after the Red Mountain eruption, the High King issued a decree to control the incoming horde and place them in a camp on the border of Windhelm hold to allow holds to prepare for the incoming demand on resources. Many Dunmer perished in the harsh conditions and the cold winters, and the camp soon fell into disrepair and was abandoned. The area is still used by refugees who have yet to found a home within Skyrim.

Goodfellow's MTB suggested mod guide
Im not planning on adding outposts to every single hold border in the game. This is because i decide against it, because the holds are allies and don't need one, because a hold is poor or the area is too far from a capital to bring the resources to man an outpost. In some cases, a mod already exists which already fortifies an area better than i ever could, so the list below is some suggested mods to cover the gap for when this mod doesn't.

JK's Rorikstead
Fortifies the town with gates and fences, no real need to guard the crossroads further up the road now.

Winterhold - Expanded Ruins  Jk Winterhold

Winterhold was the capital of Skyrim, it now looks like it was, with big ancient crumbing walls.

JK's Dragonbridge
Bascially adds a garrison in the town meaning that the bridge is now defended. Seeing as this bridge is the only way to travel through to Solitude, no outposts are needed on the two further bridges.

Legendary Cities - Tes Arena - Skyrim Frontier Fortress
Adds a lot of smaller towns to Skyrim which were in a previous game. Amol is added on the road between Winterhold and Windhelm and adds a nice little defensive structure through the road. Vernmin wood adds  a settlement which adds defences to Eastmarch's south border. My mod and this mod are also compatible in general.

Morthal/Dawnstar/Falkreath/Shor's Stone town mods
Mods which add defences to these area and add buildings to bulk them out means that no defenses are needed fruther down the road to protect them. These areas should have had enough defences in the vanilla game to defend from basic threats.