Winterhold - Expanded Ruins by Rhinala70 and phaota and AvengerJikir
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Last updated at 7:35, 21 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 15:32, 27 Jan 2013

A major expansion of Winterhold along with a whole new area to explore and an adventure.
E: The original mod is now being supported again, at least for now. Get it here:
Original Mod

Please note that the original mod is being supported by rhinala, not me, so if that page ever goes down, it's nothing to do with me, and you should just be patient and wait until rhinala unhides the page.
This is a continuation/stability release of rhinala's Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins mod.
Credit goes to rhinala and phaota for the original mod and most of the work that went into this.
I only claim credit for this stability release and any future versions of the mod. I am releasing this mod only with the permission of the original creators, rhinala70 and phaota.

Notice: I, AvengerJikir am no longer working on this mod indefinitely. I'm moving on to learning C++ so that I can make my own games.

* Additional Ruins, showing the story of the Great Collapse, around and within Winterhold.
* The great walls of Winterhold in all their glory.
* Information about the Great Collapse, scattered in notes.
* An underground cavern, along with a challenging adventure.
* Challenging Maze.
* Compatible with almost everything(that doesn't affect Winterhold)
* Completely clean. Not only have dirty edits been removed but all wild edits have been checked individually. (This is how a mod should be cleaned. ITM clean is not enough)


Description of Current Version
This first re-release of the mod is primarily a stability release. There were a lot of possible compatibility issues which needed addressing.
I've simply gone through every reference in the mod with TES5Edit and checked that nothing conflicts. I've ensured that there are no references to the same thing in both of the mod files and made sure there are no wild edits.
There should now be no compatibility issues whatsoever unless a mod directly affects Winterhold.
I've also made a few minor edits such as making space for future updates within the ruins and deleted the barely noticeable edits to the College(in order to ensure compatibility with College mods).

I highly recommend using the Nexus Mod Manager, just as many other mod authors do. It's very convenient and ensures that you can't forget a file during installation. Additionally, it tells you which mods you may be overwriting when installing many mods.
However, if you are insistent on manual installation:
1. Move/copy the esm and esp files to your Skyrim data folder (Usually C: Program Files/Steam/Skyrim/Data)
2. Either move/copy the scripts, textures, and meshes folders to your data folder or open each folder and move the contents to your existing scripts, textures, and meshes folders. It should be fine to overwrite everything.
3. Start the game on a save in which your character is not currently in Winterhold. This is important!
4. Enjoy.

Skyrim - Latest Version.

Planned Updates
* New Playerhome, available after becoming Thane.
* Immersive Dialogue.
* If possible, voice acting.
* A full-blown quest-line, explaining the Great Collapse and providing opportunites to change Winterhold forever.
* If required, compatibility changes. (Hopefully I'll never need to do this as there are no dirty edits)
* Full Overhaul of the Caverns with new locations and new playerhome.
* An MCM for configuring certain areas of the mod and difficulty.
* If confirmed to cause no issues, merge esm and esp back into one file. This will totally prevent inter-conflict, though it shouldn't really be a problem anyway.

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesn't affect Winterhold directly.
Clean College mods should be fine(as long as they don't touch anything outside the College)
I've also checked that it is compatible with Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships

Please remember to describe issues in detail and provide information such as load order, list of mods, (and your framerate before and after using this mod(if your issue is lag))

Additional Notes(may contain spoilers)
* The caverns may be difficult to fight your way through unless you are high level. I suggest you wait until you are at least level 30 before you attempt to navigate the caverns and underground ruins.

If you have modding experience or have something else to contribute, feel free to PM me.
Voice acting is something I really want to get into this mod at some point in time so voice actors would be greatly appreciated.
Scripters would also be very useful as I'll admit I haven't done much scripting for a while now. I have a lot of theoretical knowledge of how scripting works, but that research has replaced practical experience. :P