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Redevelops the areas around Whiterun Hold with markets, homes, farms, NPCs and civil war defences.

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This mod has been sitting on my site as an alpha version, with only a few downloading and zero feedback. It's very much a WIP but is useable to add stuff to the game. I'm looking for greater recognition and feedback. The mod adds to the area however and is playable, just be aware that there will be a lot of overwrite updates and maybe big changes.

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I always wanted to make a Whiterun Hold mod. Whiterun is supposed to be the trading centre in the region but the exterior shows no real signs of
it. Theres no hustle and bustle.. plus with a civil war ravaging Skyrim.. why hasn't the Jarl ordered extra defences for the upcoming battles?!

Enter my latest mod. I plan to add more buildings, npcs and generally things to do in the areas around Whiterun. I've split the development areas into zones so
they are easy to understand, however the mod will be delivered with all the zones together rather than separate downloads.

As usual with my mods i won't be modding anything i don't need to. Whiterun Hold is set upon Tundra, farming happens but you arent going to see fields of wheat as far as the eye can see. I won't be touching Rorikstead or anything in that area, mods fill out that area and USSEP adds a little farm in that area. My main focus will be around the roads.

I plan on a Whiterun Hold masterpiece with concentrated map markers in the area to really pack it out and make it look busy and important.

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Frontier which is east of Whiterun and the area of the hold where the Stormcloaks will be invading from. Whiterun now has stone walls and look out points to scout the cliff. Also, with outbreak of civil war, the Jarl has ordered additional barricades to be erected in preparation of any invasion. You will see a lot more guard activity in the area meaning the roads towards the city will be safer.

You will notice two new bridge designs upon entering the area, i really think they add to the importance of the area. Sissna owns a fishery over the river to pick up all those lovely fish which swim by the waterfalls. Hamsel has a cosy little cottage overlooking all the new activity upon the cliffside. The farms in the area have been expanded or detailed. They now have farmhands to work the farms (Nazeem is far too busy,) and they have their own shack to sleep at night. A new storage barn allows farmers to bring in the harvest in time for the harsh winters. Theres a new inn to allow travelling patrons a quick drink instead of having to enter the city. Theres also more greenery around the river as the rest of the hold is tundra with very little colour.

Hearth focuses on the path outside Whiterun and up to Honningbrew Meadery. The mod will add a little marketplace with stalls like found in other mods. Along with some houses to make the road look less sparse.

Wastes focuses on anything west of the crossroads near Fort Greymoor. You will now see a patrol of Whiterun Guards making an attempt to retake the fort. This is to make the area seem more secure rather than allow bandits to reside so close to their capital city. Depending on how quickly you are travelling, the guards may already have made swift work of their enemies and enjoying a well earned bottle of mead around the fire. The bandits will respawn, but the guards will not. This is simply to add to immersion and show that Whiterun actually cares about it's hold instead of it all being driven by quests.

The town of Darkmoor makes a return after being pied by Bethesda. But don't worry, being so closer to Fort Greymoor.. do you really expect a normal town?

I'm also working on an Imperial camp down the road from Fort Greymoor. These guys came on orders of General Tullius, bringing supplies and
materials to make barricades to help prepare Whiterun for war. However, the Jarl denied the Legiontheir right to garrison their troops in the city and wanted to remain neutral. The general quickly halted the aid and the convoy has been waiting on orders ever since on the outskirts of Whiterun. These guys won't re-spawn. Making it possible to wipe out the camp as you see fit. Men are valuable in wartime and the Legion need to deploy troops to areas which they actually have access to.

Area progress:

FRONTIER - Work in progress
HEARTH - Not started
WASTES - Work in progress

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