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Now fires, campfires, embers, steam & magic pillars will cast a spell to you.

Permissions and credits
  • Italian
Don’t you think it’s strange that you can walk around embers and fires, jump to giant’s campfires without any issues? Time to fix that.

With this plugin you will burn after standing on such dangerous sources.

I have a discord server now, where you could find useful info about my mods, suggest your ideas for released or new mods and give me a feedback.Also I am planning to record some tutorials about SKSE modding soon, you could find it in the according channel.

  • Standing on fires, campfires, embers you will burn.
  • Standing on steam sources scalds you.
  • Standing on magic pillars also damages you and restores magicka.
  • Safe cooking.
  • All works INSTANT, i.e. WITHOUT any delays!
  • But you could set a possible safe standing time after which you will light up.
    Note: this is real safe time, i.e. I DO NOT update it every n seconds, in which case you may burn either after n seconds or instantly. In my implementation you burn exactly after n seconds. The real deal.
  • For player only.
    Note: I did can do it for NPCs too. But they are so stupid and always burn that you couldn’t even notice.

Also there is a great review by ItsMern!

How it works

Fast, efficiently and instant.
I manually set all items bounds. Also I learned how to fast intersect parallelepipeds. So yeah, it is fast and accurate.

Future plans
  • AE: no.
  • NPCs: maybe… if I have a looot of time and nothing to do… Again, it is a bad idea.
  • Probably that’s all, nothing else in my mind. You can help by expanding it…


Again, I manually added bounds… So it works with vanilla things.
Also I did compatibility mechanism using .json file. For reference, there is Campfire support done by me.
  • Skyrim sewers 4 -- it used dwemer steams, so you get damaged near sewers. I am to lazy, maybe someone will make patch :)

Adding support to your “Amazing steam sources” mod

You set objects bounds and list in a json as I’ve shown at AmbersHD.json. To check bounds place your object in world and go there with debug version.

Now it is too easy to make patches. Maybe I’ll record a video about that.

Available mods
  • Campfire;
  • Embers HD (with json in optional files);
  • If you know cool mod which adds a bunch of such things in the world — either ask an author or me to support it.

Known issues (also see “bugs” section)

Feel free to report bugs in comments, I’ll do my best to fix that.

Install it like any mod. You can do it at any point of your playthrough.

Updating/Uninstallation: ensure that no one have effects.

Source available on my github.

Credit: abot for the idea.

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