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Adds a set of outfits; themed after the renowned Warriors of Light of foretold legends, The Adventurer.

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Kreiste's Heroic Outfits - Warrior of Light

This mod adds a set of outfit; themed after the renowned Warrior of Light of foretold legends, The Adventurer.

Growing up to the sonnets of the local skalds has breathed an inspiration to a young child to travel the world and overcome hardships. Such is the call of The Adventurer. After living as a commoner for years, The Adventurer finally decided to sell all of their possession to afford a humble set of armor and weapons as they embark on a journey to become the hero the people needs. 
This is their story. 

All outfits and weapons are designed, 3D-modeled/sculpted and made by me.
This mod is obviously inspired from the vanilla Iron Armor and some pieces made by a Spanish armor crafter, Ascuas Negras; my goal was "the classic Trailer Dragonborn but with my own spin".


The armors and weapons can be crafted at the forge with recipes similar to Iron Armor sets.

• Use Group Filter in BodySlide and look for BHUNP KHO Warriors of Light ADV CBBE KHO Warriors of Light ADV / HIMBO KHO Warriors of Light ADV to find the outfits.

Please contact me if you'd like to use the assets in this mod or make a conversion. I'd also prefer it if my assets stay within Nexus Mods and/or Vector Plexus.
Additionally, I do not want my works to be edited/modified/morphed/derived for SMMB. I do not want to associate my creation with that mod. Please respect my decision :)

Ascuas Negras for some design inspiration.
 for the BHUNP conversion.
Ousnius, Caliente and the rest of the team for Body Slide & Outfit Studio and CBBE.
factoryclosed for BHUNP.
Darkluke1111 for Custom Skyrim Shader for Substance Painter.
air from VectorPlexus forum for teaching me how to make Outfit Studio weight sliders.
Ulfberth for teaching me how to use Body Slide and Outfit Studio.
My patrons, the people of HIMBORD discord and r/skyrimmods discord who always lifts my spirits up.

Photo Credits
Kurone Preset
Silent Horizons ENB
ilv Poser (LL link, NSFW)
Render Poser (LL Link, NSFW)

Discord server for HIMBO : [LINK]

If you'd like what I do and would like to donate to me, here is my ko-fi link :)
Nevertheless, all of my contents will remain forever free on Nexus Mods.