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Changes bound weapons to be truly "bound" to the player. Once summoned, they are just like any other weapon. They are worth 0 and if you drop them they will delete themselves to prevent them from cluttering your inventory.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes "bound" weapons act truly bound to the player. I originally made it in Enderal for a friend and decided to remake and upload it for Skyrim Special Edition. The duration didn't really add much to the game other than a small annoyance and the occasional reload when you didn't pay attention and it disappears just before you could kill an enemy. Now, once summoned, the weapon shows up in your inventory like any other. It can be equipped, favorited, poisoned, etc just like normal. It cannot be enchanted/disenchanted. If you want to dismiss a weapon simply drop it on the ground and it will delete itself.

Also, I fixed the bound dagger not being a silent weapon. That drives me crazy, so I fix it every time I go to build a new modlist.

Do I Need to Do Anything?
Nope. Plug and Play.

I edited all bound weapons, bound weapons summoning spells, and bound weapon effects. I also edited the BoundBowEffect script. This mod will conflict with anything editing those, but that's it.

Added a patch to make warreko's Bound Shield with FX mod act consistent with my changes.

Do whatever you want with it, but I would ask that you do not re-upload this mod in it's entirety anywhere else.