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Replaces all paintings in the Dragonborn Hall with art from the Metropolitan Museum of the Art in New York. Because why not?

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As someone who has gotten rather interested in open source programs, I've found myself looking at works that are in the public domain.  And since one other thing I'd always wanted to do was make a mod for Skyrim, I found myself wondering if there were any famous paintings that were in the public domain.  And as it turns out, there were a lot, which led me to make this mod.

Anyways, this mod replaces almost all paintings in the Dragonborn Museum, with only 2 exceptions (Lord Macnarian's portrait, and one of the paintings in the Safehouse) with real art that is found at the Metropolitian Museum of Art in New York City - a museum I have not personally visited, but plan on doing so in the near future.

To install this, just download it with Vortex or MO2 and load it after LOTD.  If you load it beforehand, you'll have the paintings in this mod overwritten by the ones in LOTD, so you're nullifying the point of installing this mod.  I'm not sure how you would go about installing this mod without a mod manager of sorts (I guess you'd drag and drop the paintings into the files of LOTD? If you do try that, I'd recommend making back-ups of the original paintings from LOTD first - and if it does work out, let me know so I can add those instructions to the description).  I will not help you if you wish to install this mod using NMM (switch to Vortex or MO2 - the LOTD team will tell you this just as many times as I will).

Obviously not compatible with any other painting replacers - aside from the fact that one will overwrite the other, why would you use more than one for the main mod anyways? Should not conflict with anything else, but in the extremely unlikely chance it does, let me know.

If you want any other mods to go with this, I guess you could use Tamrielic Culture to allow your Dragonborn to feel sophisticated with some of the spirits that mod adds (or really, any mod that adds more alcoholic drinks), or the Museum Music Replacer if you want baroque to go with it.  If you want to make your museum feel even fancier, there's Extravagent Legacy of the Dragonborn Replacer.  And of course, you could just use your favorite follower mod to let your Dragonborn have company while looking at the paintings (it could either be a completely new follower, like Lucien or my personal favorite follower Auri, or it could be a visual replacer for a follower present in vanilla - not gonna list any examples here because of just how many there are).

The list of artists and paintings that this mod uses:

Other questions I can see people having, and will pre-emptively answer:

Special thanks to:
The LOTD dev team and discord server (for inspiring me to make this mod, and also giving me some feedback)
The Met museum (whose decision to release paintings into the public domain basically made this mod happen).
All the artists who painted these paintings
Anyone who made another painting replacer mod (since that's how I learned how to make this mod)