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Conquest of Skyrim is an ambitious mod that allows the player to create their own faction independent of the Stormcloaks and the Empire. The player can choose a government, raise an army, conquer territory and manage their economy with the end goal being to become the High King of Skyrim. DON'T START THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CIVIL WAR

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In its current state it will probably break the main quest and civil war quest line as well as potentially other mods that you may have.

For now please only use this on a character you don't intend on getting attached to OR on one that you already have done everything you wanted to do in your playthrough.

This is no way the final form of this mod as I will continually update it with bug fixes and new features!

If you'd like to support the continuing development of this mod, please consider donating to my Patreon or joining the Discord:

Donation is greatly appreciated!

"Conquest of Skyrim" is a groundbreaking mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that will revolutionize your gameplay experience. If you've ever wanted to lead your own faction, engage in thrilling military campaigns, and navigate the complexities of diplomacy, this mod is a must-have. With "Conquest of Skyrim," you'll be plunged into an enthralling world full of new challenges, adventures, and opportunities. Prepare for an unparalleled journey that will change the way you play Skyrim forever.

Key features of "Conquest of Skyrim" include:

  • Comprehensive Faction Creation: Establish your own unique faction with a custom name, banner, and colors. Assert your dominance over Skyrim as you rise through the ranks and become the Jarl of multiple cities. Your reign can be benevolent or ruthless – the choice is yours. (Banners made by Incaendo at: , Imperial Style Banners and colored tents made by Simdrew1993. Go check out his stuff! )
  • Engaging NPC Management: Assemble a loyal team of NPCs to serve as stewards, military leaders, court mages, and blacksmiths. Their skills and expertise will be invaluable as you navigate the intricacies of ruling your kingdom.
  • Dynamic Army Recruitment and Management: Build your own formidable army, choosing from a diverse range of soldiers with varying skills and abilities. Equip your troops with the best weapons and armor available, including items from other mods. Train them to be an elite fighting force, ready to conquer enemy territories and defend your kingdom at all costs.
  • Advanced Economic and Trade System: Oversee the management of vital resources such as gold, food, metal, and wood. Utilize these assets to grow your kingdom's economy and ensure your citizens' prosperity. Engage in trade with other factions, forming valuable alliances or exploiting their weaknesses for your own gain.
  • Captivating Conquest and Territorial Control: Experience the thrill of strategic warfare as you battle for control of bandit camps, giant encampments, forts, and cities. Employ siege equipment like battering rams, ladders, and catapults to breach enemy defenses and claim victory. The fate of Skyrim hangs in the balance, and only your leadership can secure its future.
  • In-Depth City Management: As Jarl, you will be responsible for overseeing the well-being of your cities. Hire guards, upgrade buildings, manage economies, and adjust taxes to ensure your citizens remain loyal and content. A happy populace is the cornerstone of a strong kingdom.
  • Immersive Diplomacy: Engage in tense negotiations with rival factions. Your diplomatic prowess will be tested as you strive to maintain a delicate balance of power in the ever-shifting landscape of Skyrim.
  • Loyalty System and Citizen Interaction: Earn the loyalty of your citizens by addressing their concerns, holding court, and organizing parades. The more loyal your people are, the stronger your kingdom will become.
  • Ultimate Goal: Conquer all of Skyrim and assume the mantle of High King. Your journey will be fraught with danger, but the rewards are immense. Will you rise to the challenge and claim your rightful place on the throne?
  • AI-Generated Realistic Dialogue: Immerse yourself in a captivating world with ElevenLabs AI-generated dialogue, ensuring that NPC interactions are more engaging and believable than ever before.

Delve into a rich and immersive world where every decision matters, and the fate of Skyrim lies in your hands. Download now, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Should you download this mod, please know that there is a bit of a learning curve with the features in it. It's very important that you read the below if you don't want to be lost when trying this mod.


  • Upon installing the mod, you will find a book in your inventory titled "How to Start a Faction, v1". If the book is somehow not in your inventory you can find a chest next to the campfire along the wall on the South side of Riverwood with the book inside. Read the book, and you'll be prompted to enter the name of your new faction and a prefix for your troops. Choose a name and prefix that represent your faction well.
  • After naming your faction, you'll be teleported to the Banner Selection Room. Choose a banner to represent your faction from the available options. Your chosen banner will be placed in all the territories you conquer.
  • Select a color for your faction, which will determine the color of tents your army sets up when establishing camps.


  • You will now be tasked with capturing your first territory. Territories can include bandit camps, giant camps, and other locations throughout Skyrim.
  • Defeat all enemies in the territory, and use the "Place Banner" ability in your powers to place your banner and claim the territory.
  • Capturing territories allows you to recruit additional commanders and troops. If the territory is a mine, you can hire miners to mine metal and create a small stream of metal production for your faction.


  • With your first territory secured, you'll need to recruit a Steward to manage your faction's economy, diplomacy, and administration.
  • Approach a named NPC and ask them to join your faction's government. If they like you, they'll work for free; otherwise, they'll require a salary of 100 gold per day.
  • Once your Steward is recruited, deposit 1,000 gold (or more) into your faction's treasury and import at least one unit of food.


  • Recruit a Second-in-Command for your army by approaching an NPC and asking them to join your faction. Select the Second-in-Command option, and they will be responsible for managing army tasks such as recruiting, upgrading, equipment, tasks, and garrisons.
  • To recruit commanders, find NPCs with a positive relationship with you and ensure you have enough territories for each commander you recruit. Commanders lead armies of up to 20 troops and can be replaced by recruiting new commanders.
  • To recruit troops, speak with your Second-in-Command and choose which army you want to recruit troops for. Troops fall into four categories: Standard Troops, Creatures, Mages, and Dwarven Automatons.


  • Upgrade your troops' training by speaking with your Second-in-Command and selecting the troop type you want to upgrade. Upgrading increases attack damage and defense, and some levels unlock new armor and weapons.
  • Recruit a Blacksmith for your faction and speak to them to change your troops' equipment with unlocked or custom equipment. Custom equipment can be added by dragging it from your inventory.


  • To recruit a Court Mage, follow the same process as recruiting other members of your government. Approach an NPC and ask them to join your faction, then select the Court Mage option.
  • To start researching technologies, talk to your Court Mage. This will open up the research menu, where you will see different categories of research.

  • Mages: Unlock and upgrade various types of mages, such as Destruction, Restoration, and Alteration Mages.
  • Dwarven Automatons: Unlock and upgrade Dwarven Spider, Dwarven Sphere, and Dwarven Ballista.
  • The Court Mage will then send you to a dungeon to pick up the research material. You can either do this yourself or send an army to do it through your Second-in-Command.
  • Once the research material is given to the Court Mage, it will take 12 hours for the upgrade to take effect.


  • Make sure your faction is prepared: Ensure that your troops are well-trained and equipped, and that your faction has enough resources to sustain a war effort.
  • Declare War: Talk to your Steward and send a message to Tullius or Ulfric, then let them know that you declare war. Keep in mind that declaring war will cancel any existing trade agreements with the target faction.
  • Establishing a Camp: Once you have declared war, your troops will need to establish a camp in whatever hold you want to attack. This camp will serve as a base of operations for your war efforts in that hold. Talk to your Second-in-Command to discuss war plans in the hold and you will be prompted to establish a camp and assign armies to it. You can visit the camp to manage your troops and plan your strategy.
  • Plan Invasions: With your war camp established, you can plan invasions of enemy targets such as cities, forts, or other strategic locations. You can either do this from the war map that is set up in the command tent in your camp, or discussing your war plans with your Second-in-Command.
  • Invasion Battles: Once you've planned an invasion, your forces will move in to capture the targeted location. This may involve battles against enemy troops and breaking through defenses such as gates. Successful invasions will result in the capture of the targeted location and weaken the enemy faction.
  • Taking Control of Roads: To ensure your faction's dominance in the region, your troops will need to take control of important roads and strategic locations within the enemy territory. This will restrict the enemy's movement and make it easier for you to deploy your forces to various locations. To take control of the roads, you need to either destroy the enemy's camp in the hold or defeat all of their patrols on the roads one-by-one.
  • Defend your territories: Your territories may also come under attack from enemy factions. Make sure to station troops in your territories to defend them from enemy forces.
  • Prisoners of War: Winning battles will lead to you taking POWs from the enemy faction. These POWs are stored with your Second-in-Command and can be ransomed or stored in forts.
  • Diplomacy during War: Wars can be ended through diplomatic means. Talk to your Steward and send another message to Tullius or Ulfric asking to hold peace talks. They will then arrive the next day and you can negotiate a peace deal with them. Keep in mind that the success of diplomatic negotiations depends on your faction's strength and the current state of the war.
  • Victory and Consequences: Winning a battle allows you to take control of enemy targets. However, be aware that occupying new territories may require additional resources and troops to maintain control.


  • Hire Guards: Begin by hiring guards to maintain law and order in the city. This ensures the safety of your citizens and prevents criminal activities.
  • Manage Resources: Import or export food into the city by speaking to your Steward. Select the "I want to manage this city" option, followed by the Food Report menu. Ensuring your city has access to enough food is critical for the well-being of your citizens. If your city is producing more than it needs of one resource, you can have it transfer that resource to your whole faction.
  • Hold Court: Improve your citizens' loyalty by holding court. Sit on the throne, and your Steward will approach you with any requests. In court, your citizens will give you missions to accomplish, such as clearing bandit camps or killing vampires. Completing these tasks will increase loyalty.
  • Host Parades: Organize parades as a quick way to boost citizens' loyalty and overall morale.
  • Sentence Prisoners: When guards arrest prisoners, you can sentence them in court. Choosing reasonable punishments will result in increased loyalty from your citizens. If you wish to arrest a citizen, speak to any of your guards.
  • Delegate Economy Management: If you prefer not to manage the city's economy directly, you can assign the city's Steward to handle it.
  • Upgrading City Buildings: You can upgrade buildings in your city with gold and wood to increase production of those buildings. Upgrading also increases the loyalty of your citizens in that city. The amount of increased production each upgrade provides depends on the city. (Upgrading Lumber Mills in Falkreath will have a greater effect than upgrading them in Winterhold)
  • Farms: Upgrading farms increases food production, ensuring that your city has a steady and sufficient supply of food for its citizens. Better food production contributes to higher loyalty and overall well-being.
  • Mines: Upgrading mines increases metal production. A higher metal production rate allows you to create better weapons and armor for your troops, as well as improve your city's infrastructure.
  • Lumber Mills: Upgrading lumber mills increases wood production. Wood is an essential resource for constructing and upgrading buildings, as well as crafting various items for your citizens and military.
  • Barracks: Upgrading barracks increases the number of armies you can garrison in the city. A larger garrison provides better defense and allows you to field a more substantial military force during attacks on the city.

  • After conquering your second city, you can appoint a government for that city. The positions include Jarl, Steward, and Housecarl. Once you appoint a Jarl, they will manage the city's economy. You can manage the city through its Steward, who can sign over vanilla property for free and send messages to other members of your government, eliminating the need to travel everywhere.

  • Once you have successfully conquered all of the holds in Skyrim, it is time to call a Moot, a meeting of all your Jarls, to determine if you are worthy of becoming the High King.
  • Speak to your Steward and request them to call all of the Jarls for a meeting. The gathering will take place the following day in your palace's meeting room.
  • During the meeting, inform your Jarls that it is time to hold the Moot. They will then cast their votes to decide if you should be crowned High King. Their decisions are based on their city's loyalty to you and their personal opinion of you.
  • If you receive at least half of the votes, your coronation will be scheduled for the next day in your palace.
  • On the day of your coronation, your Steward will place the "Crown of the High King" upon your head. Wearing this prestigious crown grants you the honor of being recognized as the High King by the people of Skyrim.


At the moment I can not guarantee compatibility of this mod with any mod pertaining to the civil war or uses NPCs that you intend to recruit. It is recommended you not start your faction unless you either have no intention of doing the civil war questline or have already completed it. Remember that this is a WIP and I will add compatibility patches later.

Put this on the very bottom of your load order