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Fixes several issues with the assets from Creation Club content.

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Creation Club Asset Patch

While the new assets from the several pieces of Creation Club content are usually very high quality, there also some that have several issues that have not been addressed by other mods so far. Creation Club Asset Patch attempts to fix these issues.

Alternative Armors - Iron
There are cubemaps set up for all pieces of the Iron Plate set, however these do not actually show up due to incorrect material settings. The cubemaps are now correctly displayed.

Arcane Archer Pack
Fixes bad normals for the Bone Arrows.

Forgotten Seasons
Fixes bad normals for the Wild Grass Pod plant.

Ghosts of the Tribunal
Removes the buggy, clipping sheath (just a very out-of-place copy of the Iron Sword sheath) from the Ebony Scimitar.

Headman's Cleaver
The filepath for the cubemap is broken, so the 1st person model
shows up with an obvious purple sheen. This adjusts the filepaths and
material settings to make the 1st person model and 3rd person model

Fixes broken clutter assets.

Fixes broken clutter assets.

Rare Curios
Most of the models in Rare Curios are completely fine, but there are still a couple issues. The first one concerns the Daedroth Teeth, which use the wrong filepath for the diffuse map. The second one is the Kreshfiber model, which lacks alpha properties, even though the texture is alpha mapped. This causes the model to have very nasty black edges where the alpha is supposed to be.

Shadowfoot Sanctum

Fixes broken clutter assets.

Tundra Homestead

Fixes broken clutter assets.