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"you can't fast travel, there are enemies nearby". Vanilla heavy armor mashup made as a joke, MEMES.
comes for men and woman.

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"you can't fast travel, there are enemies nearby". 

This is a vanilla-ish heavy armor mashup, I know you always dreamed of wearing a whole mudcrab as your armor, and with this mod, you now can!
same stats as heavy chitin armor from dragonborn DLC but a bit lighter, also has the chitin keywords as well.

This mod doesn't have any custom textures, it uses your textures for mudcrabs, the miraak pants, and the merchant hat. I'm using High poly Mudcrab n Retexture and Rustic Clothing. You can craft it at the forge without any need of perks.

Please note that I won't be providing bugfixes and stuff, this is just a meme mod and I have other stuff planned. Everything should be working nicely tho.


Vanilla Mashup Armors SE by 81wahoo
BD Armor and clothes replacer by baddog1978