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A collection of mods to be used in the modlist I'm working on. A fair amount should work just fine as patches if you're running the required mods.

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Caveat Emptor. I'm uploading these as I finish them, so they'll be untested until I enter the modlist testing phase. I'm putting them here because I have a bad habit of not keeping backups for what I'm working on, so I have a save point, so to speak. Albeit one that is already functional as its own mod patch. Most are simple patches made with xedit and I'm reasonably proficient, so I don't expect any issues, but should you choose to download them and something goes wonky, I'll do my best to fix it as long as the issue is, in fact, relevant to what the plugin changes. I won't be able to fix a CTD in Markarth for a Gildergreen Regrown patch, for example. Do note that adding plugins of any type to an in-progress game runs the risk of breaking your save. All patches are ESPFE unless stated otherwise.

Currently available patches:
Gildergreen Regrown - Falling Gildergreen Petals - The patch technically only requires Gildergreen Regrown but you'll be missing the stages Falling Gildergreen Petals covers if you decide not to grab it. 

Attraction - Lavender Menace - Blueflower Necklace - A three-way patch that 1) adds the Queering Skyrim marriage necklaces to Attraction's list of amulets used to bring up the attraction selection box and 2) patches the dialogue where Lavender Menace and Blueflower Necklace are added as dialogue conditions alongside the Amulet of Mara so that neither of the necklaces are rendered non-functional, letting you use both as you please. This does not lift the gender based restrictions on either. Lavender is still for courting women. Blueflower is still for courting men.

Equestrian - An SC Horses Overhaul - Craftable Horse Barding - Patches the merchant chests so that items from both mods are available from the stables. 

LOTD - Dark Brotherhood Reformation/BUVARP SE RE - Doesn't require either of the two latter mods but was made with them in mind. Simply patches the Aegisbane replica recipe to be craftable once you've complete Mourning Never Comes as long as Aegisbane isn't displayed, instead of requiring the player to have it in their inventory. This way players can go either path of giving the Aegisbane to Nilsine in DBR or to Torbjorn for BUVARP RE. Also compatible with WARP and the original BUVARP, if you're wanting to have the additional DBR compatibility or simply want a mod that works in a way that is agnostic to WARP or BUVARP.