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The first time you equip an Amulet of Dibella or Amulet of Mara, Attraction asks if you're attracted to Men, Women, or Both. The Allure perk and Lover's Insight ability will alter who they affect accordingly, with the bonuses halved if Both is selected.

Permissions and credits
This feels like something there's probably already a lot of mods out there to address? Anyway, here's another.

What It Does
  • The first time you equip an Amulet of Dibella or Amulet of Mara after installing this, you will be asked whether you are attracted to Men, Women, or Both.
  • Alters the Allure perk and Lover's Insight perk (from Black Book: The Winds of Change) to apply their benefits based on your character's attraction instead of their model.
  • Halves the effects of those perks while your attraction is set to Both.

What It Doesn't
  • Change other people's reactions when you wear an Amulet of Mara.
  • Affect the Agent of Dibella ability.

Marrying Against Type
If you originally chose men but decided to marry a woman, or vice versa, the first time you equip an Amulet of Dibella or Amulet of Mara after your marriage you will be asked again, in case the choice represents an overall shift in your character's attractions. You're under no obligation to be attracted to your spouse, though I'm sure they'd like to feel included.

Conflicts with anything that alters the Allure perk or the Lover's Insight perk, magic effect, or confirmation message.

Semi-compatible with Ordinator in that Ordinator's Kinship wears the hollowed-out skin of Allure. If you load this after Ordinator Kinship will be replaced by Allure and work as Attraction intends, or you can load this first and Kinship will replace Allure and be correctly unaffected by Attraction. Lover's Insight will operate as intended either way. Same is likely to apply for any overhaul that keeps or repurposes the Allure perk's spot on the tree and leaves its original prerequisite intact.

Known Issues
If you already have Allure and/or Lover's Insight when you add Attraction to your load order, they will have no effect until you've set your attraction. Likewise for new games, they will seem to have no effect if you haven't set your attraction by the time you acquire them, but they'll kick in and function normally as soon as you do.

Unknown Issues
I don't know how one goes about checking weapon/spell damage buffs that depend on target conditions are in effect with hard numbers, so the damage boosts of Lover's Insight are untested beyond triple-checking their new conditions are set up the same as the sell/buy buffs that do seem to be working correctly. Let me know how it works out if you happen to be that one weirdo who has ever taken Lover's Insight instead of Companion's Insight.

Available on for XB1