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Patch Hub for Handy Crafting and Spells. All patches are ESPFE unless otherwise noted.

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Currently Handy Crafting and Spells v3.x installs all patches with the main mod, as patches are added I will post them here, I have included a patched ingredients mod here so you can install as a separate mod from the main one.

Added Patch for Bone Collector perk from Ordinator, finally found a good way to make it work with only a script change.

Added patches for Simple Fishing Overhaul and Fish Anywhere with Water (this one is only needed if you use Simple Fishing Overhaul WITH Fish Anywhere with Water) Relics of Hyrule beta patch in Optional Files, please let me know of any crafting stations not working with it.

All the patches listed below are in the old files section and require Handy Crafting and Spells v2.x.

Patch Hub for Handy Casting and Spells. All patches are ESPFE unless otherwise noted.

Patches currently available:

Legacy of the Dragonborn
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
Brewer - An Alcohol Brewing Mod

Installation Instructions:

Install with your mod organizer, make sure that the patch is allowed to overwrite (placed lower in load order) whatever it's patching, sort with loot.

If you are installing the patches mid game it requires Handy Casting and Spells v2.0 or greater and you will need to "Load Patched Ingredients" from the Configuration tab of the MCM to load the patched ingredients. If starting a new game they are loaded automatically.