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Midwood Isle and Wyrmstooth both add their own "Cure Poison" spell into the game. This patch solves the inconsistency.

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Basically, this mod replaces every "Spell Tome: Cure Poison" in Midwood Isle with "Spell Tome: Cure Poison" from Wyrmstooth, so that you don't have two different versions of the same spell in your game. The Midwood version of the book still exists, but there's no way for the player to obtain it and to learn the spell from it (unless there are some scripts that give it to the player directly).

The mod is just a very simple .esp plugin for people who don't know how to do this themselves in xEdit (or don't want to be bothered to do it themselves).

Warning: If you also have Mysticism, download the merged patch optional file instead of the main file.