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Tired of hearing the same bandit lines over and over again? This mod provides 500 new spliced lines to bandits, giving each bandit prototype their own personality and making each of your encounters with them more unique, personal and unexpected.

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With this mod, bandits will now have more personality. By adding almost 500 new lines that are not shared between voice types, each encounter with a bandit will feel unique. It will be very noticeable when listening to their idle dialogues. Bandits might show a more humane side to them (or not). They might talk about betrayal, gold, missing their families, hating Skyrim, loving life as a bandit, being ashamed of being a bandit, jealousy, resentment, greed, addiction, infidelity, home, lustful encounters, what drove them to become a bandit, hunger, tragedies, having mouths to feed... and more! 

As for combat, there are lots of hidden conditions and surprise lines. Bandits might react differently when aiming a bow or sneaking near their camps, they might comment on your weapon, your armor, the material of your weapon, your gold, your sex, your race, time of day of the encounter, the location, your level, they might react to you using shouts, also to you killing their allies mid-combat... and the list goes on!

This is all done in a tasteful manner where my hope is that 90% of the time you don't even realize the lines are coming from my mod. Without further delay, I give you... BANDIT LINES EXPANSION.


1) Adds new lines to the most common enemy of all: Bandits. Cause we've all heard their lines a million times.

2) Doesn't remove any vanilla lines, it just adds new ones. Up to 75(!) new lines per voice type. (~500 total)

3) Lines are spliced from vanilla lines, no computer-generated lines, so they should sound quite natural.

4) It does not edit any vanilla files, so compatible with everything. 

T Y P E S  O F  L I N E S

1) Variations of vanilla lines. Very similar to the lines we're used to, but with a twist or different tone.
Example: You picked a bad time to get lost, friend fool!

2) Brand new lines, often with conditions not used in vanilla.
Example: "Ah, there's no finer weapon than an orc blade. Fight well, and I'll make sure your corpse is not dishonored". (Female Orc Bandit commenting on the player's orc weapon in the middle of combat)

3) Idle lines that add more complexity/character to bandits. Including FEMALE bandit idle lines (female bandits in vanilla do NOT have any idle lines). These lines are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, be warned.
Example: "It's true. I've killed more than I care to admit. But I needed the gold. What else can a dunmer do out here?"


- Is this ESL marked?

- Can I install mid game?

- Will bandits use their new combat lines against other NPCs? Will they tell rabbits they should've never come here?
They will use the lines against other NPCs too! But no, no rabbits. Lines are used only when it makes sense. This mod follows the same principles added in Hunters Not Bandits, which is of course compatible and very recommended. Kudos to my friend Racoon for making that mod, which has been a staple in my load order for many years now.

- Performance? Compatibility? This mod broke my white phial! You'll pay for this, you stupid breton!
Someone is in character, I see! This mod has 0 performance cost, it just adds more lines to the vanilla mechanism of delivering dialogue lines. It does not edit a single vanilla record, so it's compatible with everything. If you have a mod that adds new bandits, they will use the new lines without issues as long as they're part of the bandit faction and use one of the 14 vanilla bandit voicetypes.

- Will lines repeat constantly?
They shouldn't. Each time you hear one of the new lines, this line won't be heard again for 30 in-game minutes. 

- Can I hear the lines outside the game to test the quality?
Yes, you can check some of the lines here, and here. If you want to go line by line, open the sound folder of the mod (I didn't BSA'd it so it's easy to access). 90% of the sound files are in WAV format, easy to open and listen to.

- I played a bit, but I didn't hear any of the new Dark Elf lines in-game, how comes?
Dark Elf bandits in vanilla Skyrim don't use their corresponding MaleDarkElf and FemaleDarkElf voicetypes unfortunately. Only the Dunmer bandits in Solstheim use the correct voice type. No idea why Bethesda did it this way. This means you will be missing out on some of their dialogue unless you use a mod that fixes this issue. As of right now, I'm not adding this fix to the mod since it would require generating facegen and adding compatibility patches with other mods. It's however not a big deal, since you will still hear the new lines when in Solstheim. But... not all, since some of the new lines are locked to the bandit being physically in Skyrim. 

- Is that it? What are you planning next?
This thing took 3 months to make, when I was expecting just 2 or 3 weeks tops. Things got out of hand and the mod kept growing and growing until we got, well, this monster! I need a small break. Shoutout to everyone on Twitch that followed development, helped with lines and put up with me rambling. <3 As for what's next: I'll update some of my old mods, then we'll see.


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