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Tired of hearing the same lines over and over again? This mod provides new spliced lines to Thalmor and Forsworn, giving them more personality and making each of your encounters with them more unique, personal and unexpected.

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With this mod, Forsworn and Thalmor will now have more personality. By adding around 250 new lines that are not shared between voice types, the members of these factions will feel more unique and have more to say. Lines are always attached to conditions, so they will only come up in relevant scenarios, making the NPCs seem more alive than ever before.

This mod builds upon Bandit Lines Expansion and Civil War Lines Expansion, so you could consider it a type of sequel to these. Also, all the mods have been updated to work both independently and together with one another, meaning Forsworn actors will benefit from having BLE and CWLE installed (with access to even more lines thanks to the other two mods) if installed, but can be used on its own too.

1) Adds new lines to Thalmor and Forsworn NPCs.
2) Doesn't remove any vanilla lines, it just adds new ones. Up to 50 new lines per voice type. (~250 total)
3) Lines are spliced from vanilla lines, no computer-generated lines, so they should sound quite natural.
4) Compatible with everything, no patches needed.

Lines go from combat, warnings, idles, to everything in between. Using conditions, these lines will reflect your actions in the world appropriately, helping you feel like your choices and actions actually matter.

Watch the short showcase for examples of these lines

〜Andrew, Ares, K0mp1ex, Macpherb, Nightfallstorm〜
& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Khajiit will buy a blanket to fight the Skyrim winter.

Can I install this mid-game?

Is this compatible with X?

 Is this flagged ESL?

How are the lines in terms of quality?
I'd say these lines are some of my best work until now. The thalmor lines are just too good, I was hating the Thalmor more and more just putting them together. Can't wait for you to hear them in-game.

Do ONLY members of these two factions benefit from the new lines?
Mostly yes. However, similar to the latest Bandit Lines Expansion and Civil War Lines Expansion update, I'm opening a SELECT FEW lines from this mod to any NPC that shares the same voice type. Some of the most generic lines are universally fitting in all contexts. Things that either a bandit, a random citizen or a soldier could say. One example of this: Most NPCs can now react to seeing a friend die in combat, something that could never happen in vanilla and that benefits the game greatly.

What are the new idle lines like?
Idle lines (those that play while the actor is minding their business) are non-existent for both of these factions in vanilla. Same as with female bandits, have you ever heard a female bandit say "Retire some day, get myself an island?". Bethesda decided to only give idle lines to male bandits, and they decided to give 0 lines to Forsworn. So when you're sneaking around their camps without this mod, you'll notice they just stand there in silence. WELL NO MORE! Now they will say (mostly) Forsworn things, and sometimes just general day-to-day stuff. Forsworn are human too!

Why pack these two groups together? 
Cause they both share a common hate for the Nords! No, really, no special reason other than the more, the merrier.

Do any of the lines have any consequences attached?
Usually all the lines from my Lines Expansion series are just "for show" in the sense they don't really bring any gameplay mechanics into the game other than, you know, immersion. I've made a single exception here though. If you approach the Thalmor wearing an amulet of Talos, there's a chance they will notice, followed by delivering some judgemental lines and then ATTACK YOU, YOU DAMN HERETIC!!! For this to happen, you must be wearing an amulet of Talos and approach the Thalmor, so you know, don't do this if you want to avoid being branded a heretic.

What's next?
There's a big update for Use Those Blankets coming up. Then a lot of improvements and bug fixing for Headhunter. I have a couple of ideas for future mods too, but after the updates I'll need some time off. Khajiit needs sleep. If you want a more detailed overview of what's coming and want to vote for your favourite mod ideas, consider tossing a coin to your witcher and joining the Patreon ranks. Every septim helps! <3


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