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Simple horse overhaul that includes:
New horse saddles.
Improved horse mane.
Unique frost Texture and saddle.

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Simple and light horse overhaul mod, that improves on the appearance of horses and saddles.

New horse model, with a more realistic animated mane.
Unique frost texture, courtesy of Halendia.
5 UNIQUE saddle models distributed around the horses:

- Default Saddle
- Imperial Saddle
- Shadowmere Saddle
- Stormcloak Saddle
- Hunter Saddle

There are 2 versions of the mod:

- Default Saddles.
This version does not redistributes saddles among buyable horses.

- Faction Saddles.
Stable horses from windhelm and solitude will be sold with Stormcloak and imperial saddles respectively.
Heartfire DLC horses also have faction saddles.


Some have asked about horse textures. I use these custom edits of Hale horses and KK RPB, but really you can use anything you like that is compatible with vanilla horses.


If you are a Skyrim Anniversary Edition user, please download the AE patch update.

This file reverts the Anniversary edition changes made to horses, has no ESP, and it's compatible with all SE based horses mods,it'll simply swap the vanilla mane mesh, with an empty one.

If you are a CC Wild Horses user, use this instead, it'll give new mane and horse model to wild horses, and effectively work as AE patch.
CC Patch by Dudel

Original patch made by DudelSaur, however had an issue with the folder structure, turning the horses hairless. I have  uploaded the corrected version here, and you can read the description\comment section of the original mod here:

Some have asked about horse textures.

Alternatively this fix also works, and doesn't require Wild Horses DLC:

COMPATIBLE with any horse retexture that does NOT modify meshes.
I recommend:
Hale Horses by Halendia

- Craftable Witcher 3 Saddles - LE  by elrian is also compatible and a nice mod if you'd want some more saddle variations.

- Compatible with most mods that do not alter horse or saddle meshes, like Simlpe Horses.

- Compatible with Immersive Horses, through the appropriate patch.

Some people have reported saddle issues. Saddles disappearing, Disable the mod, make a clean save and reinstall the mod.
This will reset scripts.

- Compatible with Convenient Horses*

If you use Convenient Horses, the main mod will work properly if given priority, however the mane will clip through big armors.
If you are bothered by this you can use the SADDLES ONLY, meant as a patch for convenient horses and the big horse armors.
An experimental patch to solve the clipping is available.

Not directly compatible with:

Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds LE by KrittaKitty is an exception, also for SpecialEdition

Please not that this mod is NOT directly compatible, because horse textures are renamed. I have reverted their names back to vanilla, and used a mix of this one and Hale horses in the pictures. Keep in mind that this mod is included in Immersive Horses too, and can be used through that as of v1.0.1.


NOT COMPATIBLE with other mods that modify horse models, like  Light Horses of Skyrim

How to check compatibility? Please watch this tutorial.



Halendia for Hale Horses
sevencardz - CyborgArmGun - KrittaKitty for Immersive Horses
CyborgArmGun - for helping fixing IH clipping problems.
Dudel and Shesurus for CC patch


LE Version