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"Light Horses of Skyrim (Realistic body and fur)" is now available for Legendary Edition users.
Correct light horse anatomy and 13 unique fur colors! Light body Frost and Shadowmere are included.

Permissions and credits
Greetings Skyrim mod community!

If you ever wanted in your game the fabulous Light Horses of Skyrim (Realistic body and fur) mod by Mogybus, originally created for Skyrim SE, but you unfortunately possess the elder (ahah, pun) Skyrim LE, keep those money in your wallet and no more feeling sad.
Now, your wishes will come true.
Light Horses of Skyrim (Realistic body and fur) is available for the old and tired Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Ok, lets be serious.
I'm only porting to Skyrim LE the original mod Light Horses of Skyrim (Realistic body and fur) created by Mogybus, only available for Skyrim Special Edition until now.
Therefore, all honors and love and endorses have to go to Mogybus.

I'm providing the FOMOD installer version. It requires a mod manager to install.
For manual installation just extracts the archive's files and move the content inside the "base" folder or inside the "alt" folder (basic pack and alternative pack respectively) to the "Data" folder of your Skyrim LE installation.

Now a bit of description, taken from the original mod page and modified a little in order to match this page's purpose.

This mod REPLACE vanilla horses (excluding cart horses) with Mogybus' ones
and it's COMPATIBLE with Convenient Horses

There are 2 texture packs: basic and alternative. (With FOMOD you can choose between fur colors from both packs.)

Basic pack:
Frost - blue eyed white
Shadowmere - black

New horses in city stables:
Whiterun - dark bay
Windhelm - red bay
Riften - dapple gray
Markarth - overo chestnut
Solitude - palomino

Alternative pack:
Frost - blue eyed silver grullo
Shadowmere - black with feathered feet

New horses in city stables:
Whiterun - light buckskin
Windhelm - sooty buckskin
Riften - piebald black
Markarth - red roan
Solitude - flea bitten


  • This mod wouldn't work with other vanilla horse replacers and retextures.
  • Textures from this mod work ONLY with this mod's meshes, because have unique UVs!
  • This mod can be installed at any stage of the game, your horses will be replaced with new ones accordingly the list above.
  • Light Body – is a mesh that Mogybus made based on vanilla horse with the same topology, so it works great with vanilla skeleton and animations.
  • Mogybus combined the Imperial bridle with the Nordic saddle and slightly corrected the mesh, so the horse harness is also unique to this mod.

Be sure you have right mods loading order, it prevents possible compatibility problems with CH.

For any more information about the mod (and more images), just visit the original mod page.

Endorse Mogybus' excellent work!
Yes, you have to download her SSE version in order to endorse it.
But it is for good! Give her some love!

And don't forget to endorse this porting as well,
so many other users will be able to see it.

With nothing left to say, enjoy this amazing mod on your Skyrim Legendary Edition!