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This is a bundle of the following mods: The Ultimate Dodge Mod, (DMC)TUDM Reanimated and TUDM Script Fixes. I originally put this together for xbox one users like myself so that we could have an updated TUDM with some key issues fixed. Today though someone requested I upload it to PC so that they could run it and so I am. ;)

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Check the stickied post for the latest info from others and myself. ;)

Original Mods & Credits:The Ultimate Dodge Mod (TUDM) by ShikyoKira

The Ultimate Dodge Mod - Script Fixes by OsmosisWrench

The Ultimate Dodge Mod Reanimated (TUDMR) by distar66

TUDM Permissions:

The Ultimate Dodge Mod was released under a GLPv3 license. Google "GLPv3" for more info. But basically it means that this mod is totally open permissions for modification, reuploading, asset use, whatever and also requires that any work based on a mod under this license must also have a GLPv3 license attached to it as well proper credit to previous author's works. Similar to the Cathedral philosophy it seems. As per these instructions, this mod will have the same permissions.

Porter's Notes: This is a merged port of something near and dear to me. TUDM, of course. Updated and reanimated. Includes a fix for the infamous stuck in mid-air roll after transformations glitch. Yes, yes I know. ;) Tested myself a few minutes ago and it worked and the new animations play beautifully. There are other fixes in the Script Fixes mod; please check nexus pages for more details.Anyways, I'm proud to be able to bring this to xbox. Hope everyone enjoys only needing to config TUDM once per game as much as I'm going to. :) Frankly, given that TUDM is open perms, I'm incredibly surprised that noone else has done this before now. I really don't understand this... Lol.
Also FYI, I've tested this with XPMSE and it worked just fine Should work fine with the normal XP32 skeleton as well. Please lmk if you encounter any issues. I haven't tested this without a skeleton replacer, mind you and likely won't.

I am very limited in my capability to troubleshoot any issues, doubly so for PC users. I dont play on PC myself and only started porting and learning to mod a few months ago.

This mod should not require any others as I've removed the USSEP dependency inherited from TUDM. If you encounter any issues, let me know and I may be able to help or find someone who can. ;) For PC players, please see the Posts section for more recent and relevant info concerning 

LLO Category: Idles & Animations
Please do not bother the OMAs. I am porting this mod and will be the person to contact if you have any problems or need to report a bug, whatever the case may be.

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