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Falskaar by Alexander J Velicky is a defining DLC sized new land mod that has been around for years. A wonderful mod that unfortunately no longer receives updates, and has had many replicable bugs reported through the years. This mod rebuilds all the quests and scripts from the ground up to improve stability.

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Falskaar is a DLC new land mod created by Alexander J Velicky that adds over 20h of gameplay. This mod has been a favorite for thousands for many years but no longer receives active support. Many have reported some replicable quest breaking bugs which makes it hard to progress in the quest. This mod aims to fix all of those bugs by rebuilding the quests and scripts for better stability. 


No changes to quest content
Hopefully every replicable bug reported on Falskaar nexus page fixed
Each quest edited to improve script debugging and optimization
All scripts recompiled to remove costly functions such as game.getplayer()
Lost Knowledge quest correctly starts and bandit reliably spawns for the scene only
Multiple Fort Urokk quest fixes
Fast travel does not break quests
Riding horses does not break quests
Improved AI packages
Improved navmesh in certain areas

Falskaar by Alexander J Velicky


Falskaar - Lost Knowledge Quest Fix: Not compatible but that’s ok because this mod does the same thing. 

Falskaar - Patches and Addons: Not compatible with Bug Fixes.esp, this mod must load after it

Requires a new save

May or may not be compatible with other patches, I haven’t looked at them all


Can I install this mid game?
- If you read this far, you should know that a new game is required.

The bandit in Lost Knowledge isn’t there and I can’t continue the quest!
- Are you using bug fixes.esp from Falskaar patches and addons? Read the compatibility section.

Something is still broken! You said this is comprehensive!
- If you are nice and provide information I can act on, I’ll probably try to fix it.
- There was a lot to address, so it's very possible there are still problems, just let me know.

Too bad I’m not nice!
- I’ll probably just ignore you then.

Can you patch this/that mod for me?
- Depends on if you are nice or if I am interested. 

I'm at the place I need to be, and no one is here!
- Try waiting for up to 24 hours and they will probably show up.

Should I use Bug Fixes along with this mod? Or just this one? Or just that one?
- If you want the changes that plugin does, then this plugin must load after or else be patched. If you don't want those changes, don't use it. It is not my role to tell you to not use another mod author's mod.

Quest Stages:
When I get around to it, I will post the quest stages here in case there is still a bug and you need to advance by console.