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This is a unique weapon mod based on Star-Razor from Critical Roll with custom FX and a unique spell-based enchantment

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Hi everyone!
This is Fanart of the legendary weapon Dwueth'Var/Star Razor from Critical Roll!

Rumors are whispered of a rusty handle near Solitudes Docks, and Glowing Blade Fragments lingering near ruins by Falkreath?
To find the recipe for The Star Razor I've been told an old tome is somewhere in the College of Winterhold but where... 
Reforge the Blade once broken under the great forge of the Sky where the Sun meets the Stars!
There is now also a replica variant that can be crafted and the weapon can be upgraded to the "Exalted" state where it gains a large power boost
All variants are temperable <3
Enemies affected by its power "Awakening" take massively increased damage from Dwueth'Var and are revealed in a large radius
(You must have the crafting book in your inventory to craft or temper any of the swords and it has to be at the Skyforge for those wondering)

Blender 2.8.2
Substance Painter
Substance Designer

Stay tuned for more to come!


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