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Makes filling empty bottles and skins in rivers and ponds give dirty water. You have a chance to contract a random disease if you drink this water without first boiling it at a cooking station. If SunHelm Diseases are not enabled, you instead take damage.

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This mod adds dirty water in the style of Last Seed to SunHelm.
  • Empty bottles and waterskins can be refilled at any body of water.
  • If you refill your bottles other than at a well or inn, you will receive dirty water.
  • Refilling bottles in the ocean still grants salt water
  • Dirty water can be "boiled" into fresh water at any campfire.

Drinking dirty water has a 30% chance (with 0 disease resistance) to inflict any of the vanilla diseases, or those added by the SunHelm Diseases add-on. These diseases progress in the same manner as those acquired normally. If the SunHelm Diseases module is not enabled, you will take a small amount of damage instead.

More information on SunHelm's disease system can be found here.

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All thanks goes to colinswrath for the original mod