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A mod designed to ensure compatiility between various creation club content and grass mods in order to avoid having your new locations overrun with wild vegetation.

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When Skyrim Anniversary Edition came out, I was happily running around visiting all the new places and experiencing the new content when I discovered, with horror, that several of the new locations were conflicting quite heavily with grass mods. Tundra Homestead was overrun with wild grasses, Hendraheim had sunk into the ground and don't get me started on Goldenhills Plantation.

Since I was unable to find a mod addressing the problem, I figured I could just fire up the creation kit and handle the issue myself.

Here are the patched areas and the associated CC mods:
- Fishing : removed a little grass around a fishing spot behind Half-Moon Mill;
- Be a Farmer : the entire plantation was overrun with grass, removed some of it to create walkable paths while still retaining the tundra feel;
- Hendraheim : forwarded the mod's terrain records in order to avoid having the entire smithing area underground, also cleaned the grass;
- Saints and Seducers : cleared the bandit camp next to Brittleshin Pass and made some minor adjustments to a few other places;
- Tundra Homestead : cleared the grass in front of the door and traced a few paths;
- Myrwatch : cleared a path in front of the tower.

This mod has been made with Folkvangr in mind but has been tested to work just fine with a variety of grass mods.
Pease let me know if you witness some weird behaviour with a given grass mod or if you find an area I might have forgotten to clean.
Otherwise, enjoy !


The mod has been designed to be modular and contains one ESL-flagged ESP for each CC mod that required patching. This way you can use it even if you only installed some of the above creations. There is also a all-in-one plugin for people with the full Anniversary Edition.

In terms of load order, the plugins need to go below your grass mod and Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods if you use it (and why wouldn't you).


Not compatible with any mods changing landscape records in the affected cells. Let my mod overwrite those if you want to keep my changes but be warned that you might witness strange things if another mods touches terrain levels.


Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
code1k for the amazing Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
All the modders who designed the CC mods, which I ´╗┐truly enjoy.