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A utility for downloading old copies of Skyrim directly from Steam via their APIs

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This utility will back-patch the changes to your game made by the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. It will take an up-to-date Skyrim SE install or a Skyrim AE install and patch the executables back to their 1.5.97 versions. Note, this utility works by connecting to Steam and downloading old versions of the game, it uses the same code found in the "depot-downloader" program and leverages the "SteamKit2" libraries.

This is a fork of my other USSEDP mod, as some prefer to use the old method, and some the new.

After patching you should be able to use SKSE, ENBs, and all your favorite plugins without issue. 

Please watch the intro movie for the full context:

I don't watch videos:

Fine, then follow these steps
1) Log into steam via the app (it will prompt you for SteamGuard codes)
2) Select your game folder
3) Select the game version to downgrade to (selected automatically if you have SKSE in your game folder)
4) Select if you want the new assets with the old EXEs (Best of Both Worlds mode)
5) Click "Start Downloading" to begin the process.

There used to be several Patchers:
This method didn't work so well because users would download the wrong version, modify their files etc. This version doesn't use patching and so it can handle any sort of messed up game state users may have.

Source code is fully open source (GPL3) and available on GitHub


Q: OMG! you're trying to steal my Steam account!!?!?
A: No, your account is protected with 2FA (SteamGuard) which requires access to your email in order to log in, something I don't have in this app. See the linked video above for more info, or check out the source on GitHub.

Q: How do I run this in Vortex/MO2
A: Don't. Run it outside of any mod managers. 

Q: Why am I at verison after using this?
A: You're not, you're looking at the wrong version number

Q: I used the "Best of Both Worlds" Patcher and now I can't move with the keyboard, or in the menus!
A: There's a strange conflict with this patcher and lightly modded setups, I recommend some sort of main menu replacer like Clean Menu to override these files and fix the issue.

Q: I have a bug, where to I submit a report?
A: Due to the amount of traffic this mod receives I need a proper bug tracking system, so please submit bugs on the Github page

Q: There's an error about something named "api-ms-win-core-winrtl1-1-0.dll"?
A: This app only supports Windows 8+, Windows 7 has been end-of-life for over a year, and Windows 10 is a free upgrade. 

Q: Does this work with a non-English version of the game?
A: Not currently, feel free to submit a PR on github though

: I got the game via the Xbox subscription
A: Then it doesn't work with SKSE and you don't need this

Q: I didn't get this game via Steam or Xbox subscription
A: Then go buy it on steam, and don't pirate the game