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Fast and simple hitstop plugin powered by Skyrim Platform.

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Simple Dynamic Hitstop

Adds a configurable, cinematic pause and camera shake when the player hits an actor like in modern action titles. Power attacks and normal attacks can use split configurations, and all values can be tweaked, to be as cinematic or as minimal as you'd like. Simple Dynamic Hitstop (SDH) is powered by Skyrim Platform, so it won't cause Papyrus script lag in your game.

I recommend using SkySA, Attack Behavior Revamp, or Retimed Hit Frames for a more accurate and chunky feel.

Power attacks are cinematic and heavy with the default settings. The default timestop duration is half a second for power attacks.

Normal attacks feel chunky but snappy. By default, they slow down time for a fifth of a second.

Multi-hit movesets from SkySA are now super dramatic.
? Hello, Matrix-style fight scenes! ?

Settings are stored in hitstop-config.json in your Data folder. A default config file will be created for you on first load.

TimescaleMultiplier is how slow the game gets when you hit someone. This is passed to the sgtm console command.
TimescaleDuration is how long the pause is.
ShakeStrength is how strong the screen shake is (max of 1.0)
ShakeDuration is how long to shake the screen for.

The default settings are pictured in the above images, and are quite dramatic. You can tone them down if you're not a fan.
Make sure your config file is a valid JSON file!
You can find a bunch of validators online.

Compared to Other Mods
SDH causes actual time slowdown, doesn't use Papyrus (and won't cause script lag), and saves your settings in between playthroughs since it uses a config file. Mods like zxlice hitstop and TK Hitstop are great too though, so if SDH isn't for you, give one of those a try.

Additionally, SDH might be a tad unstable since it's brand new. I haven't had any issues and I've been playing with it for awhile, but your mileage may vary. If you do run into a bug, please let me know in the Posts tab!