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Fixed the placement of the Windhelm Outer Door.

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First of all, I'm sorry if a fix already exists but I can't find anything.

I installed all of Windhelm's mods to see if anyone had fixed that. Not even the one fixing the door. I thought it was a mod that accidentally moved the bridge.
But no...
Went to check on AE to see if Bethesda had fixed this ...
NO !!!

Ok I'm fixing this ! :)

I had the choice between:
1 - Move the bridge, but that would be incompatible with all the mods that modify the bridge ...
2 - Move the left, right wall, door frame, door, brazier and staircase.
Option 2 selected !

I also corrected the 2mm space between the frame and the door.

Enjoy ! ;)

Place the PATCH files AFTER the main files in the load order.

You have a version that combines Widhelm gate fix and this FYX here => SB - Fixed Windhelm Entrance

If you want and can afford it, you can buy me a coffee on my Patreon

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