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A simple mesh and texture replacer for the white planters. 3 options for different planter top textures.

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This mod is a simple mesh and texture replacer for the light stone planters, mostly found in Solitude.


The mesh and textures are taken from the Extravagant Interiors - Solitude mod by babmer. I highly recommed this mod and it includes the exact same replacer (except for the additional planter top options), but while gorgeous, the aesthetic may not be fit for everyone's game. So this mod only affects the planter based on it. It uses the upscaled textures and meshes by Plangkye from their mod Extravagant Interiors - Solitude 4k and the original assets are from antistar's mod Clockwork. Full credit and all the thanks in the world go to all of these amazing modders for their hard work and beautiful results and for their willingness to share them with others.

And huge thanks to Katarsi for fixing the collision for the square planters.

The only thing that this mod does is give the option to use the planter replacer to those who don't use Extravagant Interiors or to those who do and wish to change the textutures of the top.


There are three choices now with different texture options for the planter top. The textures are all included when necessary.

  1. Vanilla - simple vanilla stone on the planter top
  2. Matching - the same texture as is used on the planter bottom and inside
  3. Clay - a brownish texture, included in a separate folder so that it won't change your Solitude interiors in any way

I am willing to add more options in the future if there are any requests or suggestions. 


Install via any mod manager. All the options are in a FOMOD for easy use and reinstall. 
If you want to install manually, add the meshes and textures into the proper folders. The structure of the files as they are packed should be pretty straight-forward.


Remove from your mod manager or delete the from your game files if you installed manually. 


This mod will not be compatible with anything that changes the planter meshes (sbigplanter01.nif, sbigplanter02.nif, sbigplanter03.nif, in *\Meshes\Architecture\Solitude\clutter).