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Modular and easy to use ENB preset to give Skyrim a grit, soaked, dark-fantasy look.

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- video later -

::GRIM ENB for NAT 3.0 plugin INSTALLATION::

recommended for best visuals

Read about the NAT.ENB III - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel ENB 3.0 features and incompability !

- Uninstall any incompatible and redundant mods with NAT.ENB plugin
- Uninstall any ENB or ReShades presets
- Delete enb cache
- Disable the game's "Screen Space Ambient Occlusion" and "AntiAliasing" and make sure to have the"Godrays quality" set to High.


Download, Install and enable at the very last position of your modlist the NAT.ENB - ESP PLUGIN v3.0,
make sure the "NAT-ENB.ini" file is properly located next to the .esp and the .bsa files in the Data folder of the game.

Download, Install and enable

Download & Install ENB Helper SE ( requires SKSE64 ) as well as EVLAS..

Download latest ENB binaries from (recommended are v0.473)
and extract ONLY: d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll to the game roots folder, next to the game's .exe.

Download GRIM ENB
and extract the content from archive to the root folder of the game, next to the game's exe and ENB dlls.

Optionally you can download and install the GRIM - Preset Pack ( to be uploaded later ),
installation is included with a read me.

That's it, now launch the game ONLY from the SKSE64 launcher, else ENB weathers won't be working


::GRIM ENB for any weather plugin INSTALLATION::
If you do not want to use NAT.ENB 3.0 plugin then:

First install any ENB you like for any weather mod you prefer.

Download GRIM - Compatibility patch

Copy/paste & overwrite the enbseries folder from the Compatibility Patch into the Skyrim SE main folder

Optionally you can download and install the GRIM - Preset Pack ( to be uploaded later ),
installation is included with a read me.


Use "Scroll lock" key to toggle on/off the shaders ingame
Press "End" key to open the Enb menu
Press "del" key to toggle on/off the Depth of Field
Press numpad "-" to toggle the FPS counter
Press "Prinstscreen" to take a png screenshot located in the Skyrim main folder


Enb Parallax is enabled by default.
To enable/disable ENB Parallax you need to open enbseries.ini with notepad
or similar and set : EnableTerrainParallax=true and save.
This setting cannot be changed ingame.
If you do use ENB Parallax, then you have to uninstall the SKSE parallax plugin, otherwise you will get bugs.

open the ENB menu with "End" key,

From the "ENBEffect.fx" window, select the HDR levels you want to brighten (low) or darken (very high) the image.

Located in the "EnbEffectPostPass.fx" window are the GRIM postprocessing settings:

TECHNIQUE: Select a colorgrade based on movies and mix it with the original GRIM colors.

Colormix: Either the Technique will be mixed as normal, either only its luminosity, either only its colors.
Color Intensity: The final color saturation, 0 being black and white.

Visual Degradation: emulates lens distortion,  small captor size and affect how grain will look.
Found Footage Distortion: VHS effect, the higher it is the more weathered the tape becomes.

Grain: 35mm grain ntensity.
Vignette: Darken edges of the screen.
Letterbox-Black bars: aspect ratio of the image.

That's it, Enjoy !

If you enjoy my work as modder and everything I have brought to all the games I have modded so far,
please consider checking out my Ko-Fi to help me  so I can continue my work and make new content: